Download Cube Killer Beast v1.3.6 MOD APK (God Mode)

Cube Killer Beast Mod APK brings players to a world of legendary guns with the simplest dinosaur on the planet.

If you are curious about the world of dinosaurs, Cube Killer Beast promises to be the most appropriate choice for you to fulfill your wish. When you come here, it also means that you will be immersed in unlimited hunting battles. Festivals or hunting parties may or may not be up to the player himself. Not stopping there, you can also meet with unique animals possessing powers that cannot be underestimated.

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Cube Killer Beast – FPS Survival


Facing you is the appearance of many different animals with different powers. They are not only ferocious with their giant appearance, but they also often come to threaten you in groups. Surely anyone entering this world for the first time is afraid of this scene, but you have to overcome yourself. To do that, there is only one way is to pick up your gun and shoot them directly. The advice for you is to shoot as quickly as possible. Certain of the bullets fired will hit your enemies.

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Cube Killer Beast – FPS Survival


Not stopping there, the player also transforms into the role of a talented hunter. No one can escape your keen eye. As the head of this tyrannical dinosaur kingdom, you can freely show your authority in any way. Not stopping there, the player is also a ruthless killer. If anyone dares to touch you or those around you, that person will surely die bloody. Are you the best shooter?

Cube Killer Beast – FPS Survival


Cube Killer Beast, a special weapon that allows you to employ the most elite guns to engage in this unmatched conflict, is available. In particular, gamers will have to deal with dinosaurs who will be sprayed with a barrage of bullets. In addition, each gun fired represents another human being who has perished. To be able to shoot with such precision, you must constantly learn from your mistakes in the initial bouts. A tip for you is to locate the enemy’s weak point as early as possible.

Cube Killer Beast – FPS Survival


  • Lost in the world of FPS shooting with not too complicated gameplay, you can even play it repeatedly.
  • Complete the assigned tasks when you have to handle the tyrannosaurs’ lives thoroughly.
  • The weapon system includes a variety of guns that you can collect with coins.
  • Enjoy the best views of the town with professional effects and motion.
  • Diversify roles like never before as you join this world from hunter to killer.

Cube Killer Beast v1.3.6 MOD APK (God Mode) Download

Download (81M)

Download (81M)

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