Download Cubes Empire Champions v7.7.62 APK (Latest)

Cubes Empire Champions is a game with match-three gameplay where players will go through many levels with different challenges. They will become more complex over time, so you will use your understanding to complete them. At the same time, there will always be certain support features that you can use to perform impressive combos and destruction. Surely you will be impressed with what this game brings to you.


In Cubes Empire Champions, players will find impressive match-three gameplay and exciting points in its latest updated version. The factor that should be mentioned is that you can experience the levels’ number increased by 100. It can be seen as an impressive number that brings more challenges to players. Therefore, it can be said that completing this game is still a long journey, and the stability it brings has also been increased.

Cubes Empire Champions Cubes Empire Champions


Players will experience an awe-inspiring and accessible match-three level in Cubes Empire Champions. The graphics that this game brings are stunning that players will love, and in the center of that field, there will be an area with squares of different colors. At the same time, the job you have to do is to complete the task of the game screen by matching as many elements as possible to make many impressive tactical moves.

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The match-three form that players experience in the game will not be that you will move a square to create a match but will click and disappear the squares of the same type close to each other. The minimum number to be able to make a match is two. But in most cases, players will need to match more than two squares to save their match moves. Therefore, the gameplay of this level will be challenging from time to time.

Each level will have completely different levels of challenge, but there will be certain elements. Those are the requirements that the level stipulates, and you will need to complete them correctly. At the same time, the number you match is only made in a certain number of turns. These two elements always appear together in each level and field, and the layout will always change. So they will work together to make it difficult for players, but you will always have solutions to solve this.

Cubes Empire Champions Cubes Empire Champions


Once you’ve played a match-three game like Cubes Empire Champions, you won’t be able to ignore the particular elements created from a large number of squares. Specifically, when you match 5 or 6 squares, you will make a rocket. With 7 or 8 ones, the product you get is a bomb. You reach that maximum number of 9, then a wheel with a specific color will appear. Each type has different devastating effects in the game.

For rockets, you will be able to make one vertical or one horizontal disappear. The bomb will affect a specific area and explode everything in that area. At the same time, you will quickly disappear elements of the same color as the wheel, and this feature can be combined with rockets and bombs. In addition, when you start the game, you can use boosters as features that help you immediately use the above particular elements.

Cubes Empire Champions v7.7.62 APK (Latest) Download

Download (98M)

Download (98M)

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