Download Dead Hunter Real v1.0.6 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode)

Dead Hunter Real Mod APK allows you to use all the guns to perform confrontations with scary zombies. They are growing strong, and we need to stand up and fight to win big.

The zombies have started to rise after the most significant nuclear explosion, and now they are flourishing in Dead Hunter Real. This dramatic action game is creating exciting levels of upgrades as well as top-notch combat. Players can use weapons, especially large guns, to attack. Large attacks will make the city a bit chaotic, so you also need to find an additional army to support in case of an emergency.

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Dead Hunter Real: Offline Zombie Shooting Games


The player is the one who can see what is going on as well as make a plan to do it. You must form a support army to help if zombies corner you. More than anyone else, it is you who are capable of leading a strong, growing army, and your calculations are really accurate. You also see the growth of the zombies, and they are also hungry to take over the city.

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Dead Hunter Real: Offline Zombie Shooting Games


The game provides you with a variety of unique weapons, most especially different types of guns. Players will choose a type and perform aiming at many different levels. You should also distinguish between zombies and armies because, if newly infected, zombies will not change anything. Zombies are also thriving day by day, so you also need to use helicopters and large tank systems to be able to defeat them on all fronts.

Dead Hunter Real: Offline Zombie Shooting Games


The growth of the zombies is not equal to our attacks, so you also need a steady gun to continue this journey. Players always want the army to be able to intercept those zombies in many different ways to end the war quickly. You should also build and renovate the city to be better than before because the war has dramatically devastated the city. Players also need to upgrade weapon systems and vehicles to support the battles of other neighboring cities.

Dead Hunter Real: Offline Zombie Shooting Games


  • Attack zombies in different ways and defend the city through this scary zombie war.
  • Use the guns that the game provides to be able to carry out true combat and destroy the zombies.
  • Implement solid defenses and enlist the support army that can stop the zombies from the city.
  • Add a series of large tanks to be able to use that power to bombard the zombie hideout.
  • Renovate the city after each war and proceed to upgrade the weapon system to become the most powerful ever.

Dead Hunter Real v1.0.6 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode) Download

Download (147M)

Download (147M)

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