Download Defense Zone 3 HD v1.6.20 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Defense Zone 3 HD Mod APK – Choose any target you want! A standard but slightly different tower defense that allows you to set the turret in detail!

Defense Zone 3 is the latest in the Tower Defense series, which is popular for its old-fashioned systems. The system is a very standard TD that intercepts with a turret that has enemies invading the route. There are plenty of usability systems such as a grid display when the turret is installed, a place where you can freely set the target of the turret, the order of priority, etc. The difficulty level is fairly high and it is an exquisite level, so if you like TD, please try it.

Defense Zone 3 HD

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The feature of Defense Zone 3 is a system that allows fine setting of the turret while being a standard TD, and creates a new strategy. The point is that the turret can be set in various ways other than installing and strengthening. Since you can set whether to target the attack or not, if you target only the target on the ground, you will not be able to aim even if you have the function to attack the enemy in the air. In addition, you can set in detail which enemy within the attack range, so if you incorporate it into your strategy, you can create a strategy that can efficiently defeat the enemy.

Defense Zone 3 HD


The key to capturing Defense Zone 3 is to damage the entire map, which is the basis of TD. The map is designed so that the route is meandering from the beginning, so let’s grasp the position where damage can be done many times and install the turret with priority.

Defense Zone 3 HD

It’s easy to harden the turret in the first half of the route, but it’s best to have the same strength at some points and keep doing damage all the time. Also, if you set the turret and make an interceptor turret exclusively for the aviation unit, you will reduce the number of missed shots. Let’s use the turret settings properly!


If you clear one stage, the next one will be released, but I recommend you to try one stage thoroughly. First, the first stage.

Let’s start by grasping the whole, such as the position where the turret can be placed and the terrain that can be attacked many times. If you grow it to a level 2 or higher turret, you will be able to use Hellfire with high speed and increased attack power. It can be used for a certain period of time, and a temporary power-up can be obtained. This is for hard enemies!

Defense Zone 3 HD

The combination of turrets is important. Depending on the placement, the attack power will increase many times, so let’s think carefully. In addition to the turret, you can also use installed weapons that are drop items. Air attacks have a high attack power, so use them when you need them! Land mines can also be a trump card, so you may want to set a lot near the goal!

Defense Zone 3 HD

If you miss a shot, the physical strength of the base will decrease. Survive all waves (attack turns) so that it does not reach 0! As the stage progresses, air force will be introduced. Adjust the attack target of the turret and prepare for the best interception!

Defense Zone 3 HD v1.6.20 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (150M)

Download (150M)

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