Download Delivery From the Pain Full v1.0.9912 APK (Paid)

In 201x, scientists at a research facility found a drug that effectively treats cancer. Here, you will find the key to eternal life. A response to this study was the introduction of the “Human X Plan” by the Faith Energy Company. There was no success with the immunization. A zombie virus emerged and rapidly spread throughout the population. You can’t do anything special because you have no special abilities. Get rid of the undead and figure out where the Human X Plan virus came from.

Instead of focusing on zombies or a survivalist plot, Delivery From the Pain has a compelling story. After completing each section, you’ll gain additional information about the main character or ailment and meet new supporting characters. Life on the road can indeed introduce you to some fascinating folks. To name a few examples: a gorgeous mother and daughter in the police station, a doctor, a disabled man, a liar, etc. Everyone has their backstory and issues. When disaster strikes, people suddenly become open and kind. With these additions, the game becomes more relatable.

In Delivery From the Pain, you can choose between Freeman Mason and Samantha Aran. Every person is different, with their history and plan of action. To get the most out of the story, you should use every character available: Freeman Mason, a police officer. Combat experience is something he has plenty of. When it comes to law enforcement, he’s as even-keeled as they come. Despite some flaws, his strengths shine through. His combat expertise will be invaluable in the face of a zombie invasion.

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Samantha Aran is an accomplished attorney but a coward in a fight. She couldn’t deal with the freshness and difficulty of this disaster. Find those still alive and save them by bringing them supplies. As you start, Morgan will be your guide. Quietly navigating, etc., are all things he can instruct you on. In this game, the zombies don’t mind the background music. Certainly not like in Zombieland or World War Z. Containing a conflict with deft maneuvering. They will give up after a brief chase. Get supplies like water, food, ingredients, weapons, etc. When fighting zombies, every advantage counts. It is both collectible and droppable.

Delivery From the Pain Full v1.0.9912 APK (Paid) Download

Download (438 MB)

Download (438 MB)

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