Download Design My Home Makeover v4.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Design My Home requires players to renovate ordinary rooms to become unique with beautiful many-design interiors. You will pay the money you earn through the word puzzles and be impressed with the new room look.

Design My Home is a renovation game where you will find new furniture to add to different rooms. Each room will have positive changes after adding new elements, and this will undoubtedly cost a certain amount of money. In addition, you will need to overcome many challenging word levels.

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Players continue their journey to renovate new rooms in Design My Home, and you will help them have a whole new beauty. That also means that you will need to overcome many different levels in the game, and indeed, their difficulty is also wholly serious.

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Design My Home: Makeover Games


When you experience Design My Home, you will be taken to the exciting but challenging role of transforming an ordinary room into a fully furnished one. At the same time, in a room, there will be many things that you can add, and you will decide to style them as your wish. Another point is that you also need to know that objects will cost you some money and try to earn it.

Design My Home: Makeover Games


Participating in different crosswords is necessary if you expect to find a certain amount of money in Design My Home to buy new furniture. You will see a variety of crosswords and the letters the game offers. Your job is to create an orderly link between the letters and help them become meaningful words. If the process is successful, the word will immediately appear in the crossword.

When a word has been unlocked, you will look at its position to guess the remaining words to complete this level. With the correct order, you will find many words that can be found by the letters you have received. It is fun as it allows you to increase your vocabulary over time. In addition, there will always be words that are hard for you to think of, and this game helps you get through it.

When you have difficulty with the remaining words after trying all possible combinations, you will be able to use the help on the right side of the screen. It’s the magic hand feature, which helps you reveal the missing letters in some positions so that you can easily guess the word easily. But indeed, this feature will become helpful when you use it for later high-level levels.

Design My Home: Makeover Games


In Design My Home, you notice that the appearance is completely old and nothing special in the rooms. After seeing the blueprint, you will begin adding furniture by paying for them. This furniture completely owns itself with many different designs that you can freely choose. So when you combine them, you will have a new look for your room, and you will continue to do that with other rooms.

Room renovation challenges are waiting for you with elements:

  • A diverse number of rooms are waiting for you to change and give it a whole new and brighter look.
  • With a variety of furniture, you will be able to use the money you earn in the game to continue with products with attractive designs.
  • You will have to pass the crossword puzzle when you find the required words from the given letters and earn more money.
  • Players will face many challenges in these crossword puzzles and will have a magic hand to assist them in approaching the hint.
  • Surely, they will not be able to ignore the new levels corresponding to the new renovation requirements in the current version of the game.

Design My Home Makeover v4.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (128M)

Download (128M)

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