Download Dino Bash v1.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dino Bash drags you back to the Jurassic, where dinos and cavemen fight each other over the chosen-one egg. You will be responsible for defending it against cavemen, accompanying mighty dinos, and forming an army that can overcome any enemy.

Dino Bash is a strategy game where you will constantly summon dinos to fight off cavemen moving towards the important egg. You will collect many dinos on your team and make full use of their abilities. In addition, you also support them from the outside with powerful shots. Don’t forget to upgrade the power you own.

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Dino Bash – Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars


The context that players will see in Dino Bash is prehistoric times where two species of dino and caveman exist. On a day, the wisest of the dino clan found their important chosen one, but an unfortunate thing happened when the cavemen started attacking. Their goal is to capture this important egg, and of course, the dino will not let them do this. From there, the warriors of the two races would continuously attack each other.

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Currently, the Christmas event is happening in this game, and you certainly won’t be able to ignore what’s happening in it. The event runs until December 26th, and many players will receive impressive rewards. Specifically, you won’t need to worry about the limited lives that you need to overcome many challenges as it will become unlimited while the event goes on. The rewards of the stages have been increased, and the levels all give you a Christmas feeling when playing.

Dino Bash – Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars


In Dino Bash, you will be given an exciting task to protect the egg, and you will not do this alone when other dinos help you. The first dino you bring to the team is Snappy, and you’ll need an apple to summon it. At the same time, apples can be considered an energy source that allows you to call other dinos, and after you use a certain amount, the apple will continue to increase so you can use it.

Each type of dino has exciting features and shapes that you will find attractive when you first experience it. Specifically, the dino has attack characteristics, health, and a suitable position on the battlefield. For example, Spitty is a long-ranged dino and is a good solution for attacking spear-wielding enemies on the cavemen’s side. It possesses powerful attacks but is relatively weak in health and requires other dinos to protect it so that it does not confront enemies directly.

Besides the power of the dino that you own, you will surely not be able to ignore the features you can support for your teammates. Specifically, on the right side of the screen, there are various attacks such as dropping stones, bombs, and many other types to knock down enemies in case your dinos group is already weak.

Dino Bash – Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars


When you complete the Dino Bash levels, you will surely not be able to ignore the rewards it brings. Sometimes it will help you unlock new dinos and shots to take on stronger enemies. Of course, you can upgrade their power when you use the money you earn in the levels. If you want to own the dinos but don’t want to wait for the corresponding levels, you can use diamonds.

The game directs players to an exciting battle that cannot take their eyes off with the following elements:

  • A chosen one egg of the dino clan will appear, and you will need to protect it from invasion by cavemen.
  • You will use the number of apples you have to summon powerful dinos that give the feeling you have returned to the Jurassic period.
  • You will find a variety of dinos with powerful attacks and suitable for battle positions on the field that you need to pay attention to.
  • The player will not only be an observer but will be a timely supporter with shots with different effects.
  • You can upgrade the power you own to overcome many levels and not miss the Christmas event with many enjoyable rewards.

Dino Bash v1.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (72M)

Download (72M)

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