Download DISGAEA RPG v3.2.10 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Damage, Defense)

DISGAEA RPG is a classic tactical role-playing game with a unique setting and exciting gameplay. Players will participate in battles with mighty monsters and build an army of their own.

DISGAEA RPG is an exciting game with an engaging story and detailed content, giving you a great experience. RPG gameplay combined with strategic thinking will transport you to a new world. You will enter the Netherworld, a world ruled by demons, and you must destroy them to pass levels with strange adventures.

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The game’s main setting takes place in the Netherworld, a place deeper than the ocean with dark caves ruled by evil monsters and Overlords. This world will open to your miracles, and you must create a solid army to overcome this difficult journey. You will accompany your favorite characters through the ups and downs of adventure with this fascinating storyline.

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The matches in DISGAEA RPG require high thinking because you must have the right tactics and flexibility in all situations to be able to deal with all enemies. In addition, you must assemble and train a solid squad to be ready for any battle. Battle options include Attack allies, Towers, Throws for players to choose from and enjoy fun strategic battles. The arrangement of the squad in each battle is also fundamental because it determines the victory of your team. Therefore, you must arrange it reasonably and actively choose the target to attack.



The game’s plot is quite long and detailed, so the content is also very diverse, so there will be many things for you to experience. In addition, the mission of DISGAEA RPG will gradually increase with the level, and the number of locations will also increase gradually so that you can discover many exciting things in this large world. Equipment is an indispensable feature in this game and helps you trounce all enemies, and you can upgrade equipment to increase attack and power on monsters significantly.



  • Play anytime, anywhere with auto-battle and powerful 4x speed for you to enjoy epic battles and get high achievements and exciting rewards.
  • Classic elements are adapted from the series so you can unlock various content and travel the world to collect various items upgrade your equipment to fight.
  • The maximum upgrade level is 9999, so you can deal tons of damage to the evil monsters and give the character various skills and spells to defeat all enemies.
  • Superior combat system with gathering a powerful army to fight with exciting combat options like hit team, throw, tower to bring you dramatic battles realness.
  • A gripping story with exciting secrets about your favorite characters and the series’ catchy soundtrack will help you relive the stories of the animated series.

DISGAEA RPG v3.2.10 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Damage, Defense) Download

Download (1.76 GB)

Download (1.76 GB)

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