Download Display Tester v4.54 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Display Tester v4.54 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Display Tester is a technology application that helps you recognize and observe aspects of the screens of electronic devices. In addition, you can use the application to check the screen quality of the tv.

If you are not aware of the situation of your home’s TV equipment, especially the quality of the image transmitted through the screen, use Display Tester. This app is made to help you check every aspect of your home TV equipment. Now you can know the screen quality of LCD or OLED with specific parameters displayed when connecting the application from the phone to the device. You can use the app and test the other features listed in the app.

Display Tester


When you are a proficient technology user, it is easy to notice the instability of the devices you are using. But those who do not know anything about technology can’t notice anything unusual on the screen. To meet users’ requirements, we have released a Display Tester with many utilities. One of them is to check for dead spots that appear on your screen. Everyone knows the importance of the device screen, so make sure to check the devices to make sure there is no harm later.

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Display Tester


Everyone knows the importance of color when using electronic devices. Because if your screen only appears in black and white, it makes you uncomfortable, and you can’t distinguish the significance of the problems. But since using this application, it is no longer difficult to identify problems related to screen quality. When connecting this application to any screen from any device, it will clearly analyze things related to the color of the image.

Display Tester


You don’t need to worry about the usage of this software; just connect the app when present on your phone to any device you want to check the image quality. Remember that this application is easy to operate and suitable for everyone to use. Through this application, users can test other useful features that the application brings, such as detecting the device’s performance with only the parameters displayed on the screen. And mainly, all operations of the application are used by touch screen.

Display Tester


When you use this application, you can tell if the device is suitable or not just by what is shown on the screen. Display Tester will analyze for you clearly what you need to know when deciding to buy an electronic device. The app will notify you of your device’s performance and screen-related factors.

Display Tester


  • Detects dead spots on the screen of devices for timely repair.
  • Check the color quality by parameters such as sharpness or saturation of the device.
  • Fix fire in devices such as moving the black and white colors to the right color tone.
  • Observe and recognize the advantages and disadvantages of the devices based on the given parameters.
  • Check image quality with color gradients.

Display Tester v4.54 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (12M)

Download (12M)

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