Download Dr. Panda – Learning World v23.1.12 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Dr. Panda – Learn Play is the perfect app for learning. Kids will enjoy this fun learning program with fundamental math problems and creatively designed alphabets. You can use them anywhere and start with any story.

Dr. Panda creates a craze with the best lessons for young children. Users will be provided with the most fun learning experience. The extremely smooth animation effects and the visual representation of the system make users feel comfortable. From lessons about the alphabet to the emergence of calculations, smart coloring pages help children learn more. This is also the reason why knowledge is transmitted simply but very effectively, in a short time, but children can both play and learn.

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play

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The system attaches great importance to updating operations. That is the reason that Dr. Panda always brings a new and unique feeling to users. The newly updated version will bring new coloring lessons for kids, and the selected topic this time is familiar cars. In addition, adding new mathematical content also makes users excited. Now, the age of using the application has been raised, and young children can be familiar with any math operation in a certain range.

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play


Covering the most basic lessons, Dr. Panda brings trust to thousands of parents. They can raise their children with the lessons we provide. Young children are familiar with the alphabet, and each folder will contain one letter. Every day, young children will just need to familiarize themselves with the spelling and pronunciation of a letter. After that, more practice exercises will be provided to help them get used to this new knowledge.

In addition, pictures without colors will help them distinguish the color palette as well as learn more skills to fill in the gaps. The most basic knowledge of fine arts provided will be the foundation for future worldview exploration. All lessons are organized by folder and are easy to search. Besides, you can also use the toolbar to look up the content you need to refer to faster.

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play


Users have more options for both playing and learning effectively, thanks to the appearance of Dr. Panda. Each lesson will help children learn a skill for life, enhancing their experience and knowledge in many fields. Aiming at their curiosity and stimulating their imagination, you can choose lessons about objects in nature or explore the animal world we provide. Some of the most realistic pictures will be provided and make it easier for children to absorb.

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play

We are committed to bringing the best quality images for the quality of the above series of images. The resolution will always reach the maximum comes with a quiet space, not disturbed by third-party ads or any external links. A safe, easy-to-use space with neatly arranged categories will help you learn more valuable lessons. Add to your basket good life tips by sharing your childcare experiences on the forums we’ve created.


Dr. Panda has always been the trusted choice of thousands of customers. With exciting content and a reasonable lecture layout, users will find the lesson they want with just a few taps. To enhance your experience, the system has been upgraded and improved in performance. Users strongly believe in the skills lessons we provide. From the alphabet numbers to coloring and pictures to identify objects. All the content provided will provide the best experience for you and your kids!

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play


  • The usual advantages of a learning app are integrated into the lessons the app builds, tightly controlled content, and exciting stories and images provided.
  • Regularly update and add new content for teaching activities of the application. Users can experience the error correction and performance enhancement space with more special animation effects.
  • The system brings useful lessons to young children, helping them train their brains to improve their ability to recognize and perfect age-appropriate knowledge. The combination of learning and playing is ingenious.
  • Explore the creative space with many beautiful images diverse colors. Lessons on drawing, coloring, or animals are also interspersed between the alphabet and the numbers.
  • Users use the menu to adjust the lesson content and add new basic knowledge. In addition, you can also create a simple appointment with the app so that we remind you every day.

Dr. Panda – Learning World v23.1.12 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

Download (300M)

Download (300M)

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