Download Drift Factory v3.7.5 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

Drift Factory Mod APK‎ is a place for players to show off their professional driving skills and perform beautiful drift phases. Upgrade your car and overcome hundreds of tough challenges.

Drift Factory is a highly entertaining game, especially for an avid follower of the racing genre. If you want to experience something new and challenge yourself, this game is a perfect choice. Spending hours to immerse yourself in thrilling racing scenes and becoming a professional racer is nothing better.

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Drift Factory هجوله فاكتوري ‎


Perhaps everyone has seen the once-popular Fast and Furious blockbuster series for a while and imagined that they could also perform risky racing scenes. Those fantastic and new feelings certainly never happen in real life, but coming to Drift Factory, you absolutely can. Not only the racing screens, but you also get to witness the extremely beautiful drifting and twisting phases created by you.

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To master the track and successfully perform the tire-burning drift, you must master the control buttons. In the lower-left corner of the screen are two control buttons to move the car to the left or right. On the right is the accelerator to accelerate the car and vice versa. The brake is used to slow down or stop immediately in serious situations. Last but not least is the tachometer, which indicates the engine’s revolutions per minute.

Drift Factory هجوله فاكتوري ‎


An exciting feature that any player wants when experiencing racing games is that they can customize their car. Indeed everyone will be attracted by cars with eye-catching shapes and designs with full amenities, but owning them will be even better. Drift Factory‎ brings you a vast collection of many different types of cars, and most of them come from very famous brands such as Toyota, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many more.

After choosing your favorite car, you can customize them by repainting and adding a few essential details or parts. After completing many levels, you will receive many bonuses and can use them to upgrade your beloved car. Although the amount of money will not be small, it will not be wasted if you want your car to be able to overcome many difficult roads.

Drift Factory هجوله فاكتوري ‎


The purpose of upgrading and customizing the car is to enter the complex challenges that the game has given you. If you want to become a professional racer, the daily tasks are essential, and you must complete them in the best way. At first, the challenges given are pretty simple that even beginners can easily overcome them. But later on, the difficulty also increases gradually until you realize that it is difficult for you to conquer this game.

The first thing is to choose the car you want, then step into the track with obstacles waiting for you in front. Your job is to bring the car to the finish line as safely as possible, but you have to pass the cars on the road in the meantime. You must use the skills you have to overcome them and avoid causing any incidents or collisions. Each time you make a beautiful drift phase, you will immediately receive a bonus.

Drift Factory هجوله فاكتوري ‎


Drift Factory‎ has invested a lot in the graphics to be able to attract many players, although the gameplay alone is enough to make you feel excited. The graphics are designed in 3D style with meticulously and realistically invested images to help you feel like you are driving real cars. Not only that, but the moving effects of the cars also make people admire and excited.

The game is refined in the image, and the sound is also invested very carefully so that you never get bored. Sound effects are very vivid that you can feel right from the moment you enter the game, such as the sound of the car’s engine or drifting on the road. There is also the sound of cars honking their horns on the road and even wheels rolling on the road.

Drift Factory هجوله فاكتوري ‎


  • The game is designed according to the racing game genre with captivating gameplay created for top racers.
  • The main gameplay created will allow the riders to enter the game with the highest level of drift situations.
  • Racers will be able to ultimately create their car model best suited with personalized customization features.
  • Many unique challenges are created to train your racing skills to win.
  • Game graphics are created highly detailed with images simulating racing cars or incredibly realistic terrain.

Drift Factory v3.7.5 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (297M)

Download (297M)

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