Download Droneboi v0.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Droneboi Mod APK wishes you could proceed to build drones in the vast universe. Here your ideas are promoted and strongly built to make a special impression.

Players will be able to create exciting planes themselves and create a memorable impression in Droneboi. This is an outstanding simulation game; the game wants you to show your creative talent. Not only that, but the game also wants you to participate in critical projects and give suggestions to perfect large-scale aircraft. Players will also receive exceptional support and new upgrades to help themselves become better than before.

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Players will come up with a plan and begin to set clear goals. The game will proceed to build drone plans, and you will participate in this contest. Players will add all the special support equipment or tools to make the plane perfect. Players will also have more exciting upgrades to serve for impressive flights.

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You will test your plane in your universe and start to walk. If you have trouble, a special support team will appear, and you will get rid of those obstacles. Players will also be able to use the map to observe the direction of the plane, and the joystick is also really necessary. Players will also receive positive signals and start participating in the big competitions that the game organizes. You will win exciting victories to receive special upgrades and from there you will have a fair competition with friends across this universe.


Players will win valuable prizes and hundreds of practical upgrades. Players will begin to implement the next interesting backup plan and start implementing. You will also have a lot of trouble putting the pieces together, but the game will give you hints. In addition, you should also take advantage of those upgrades to quickly complete the project and put it to the test. Players will also have more valuable gifts for those who know how to try.


  • Set a clear goal, develop an effective flight plan, and start building.
  • New tools and advanced equipment are added to create the world’s most luxurious aircraft.
  • Freedom to fly the drone in your own space and perform a thorough check before sending it to the competition
  • Perform impressive competitions and win the biggest prizes for the most exciting upgrades.
  • Try to make your plans come true and use the series of upgrades to improve the plane to the next level.

Droneboi v0.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (57M)

Download (57M)

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