Download Egg, Inc. v1.25.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Becoming a chicken farm owner is no longer a dream when you come to Egg, Inc. You are the boss of a farm system and manage it through simple operations. Just by hatching eggs, raising chickens, and building factories, you have become rich. Start trading eggs so you can kill your time on an idle clicker game. Do you like the look of his chickens proliferating to give you huge profits even today?

Egg, Inc.


To make fat chickens, you have to go through incubation. Tap the screen continuously to hatch eggs, the chickens begin to grow, and your career also develops. The red control button at the bottom of the screen helps you bring your chicken to the coop to lay eggs. Each time you touch the screen, your chicken will be increased in number, and the amount you collect will be more and more. The value of each egg depends on the development of your farm.

Your business is to distribute products from chicken to everywhere, trucks will come to buy, and you will start counting money. As the number of chickens grows, the barn must also be expanded. You need to build a barn and expand your warehouse. Remember, the more your chicken coop, the more your chickens will multiply. In addition, you need to upgrade the delivery vehicle system and the research area for better yielding species. These activities are essential for you to make your chicken farm thrive everywhere.

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Egg, Inc.


The process of your trade is increasingly financing amount you earned also meet the requirements of the Egg, Inc. At this point, you need to buy more advanced technologies and workshops. This will help to increase the quantity and quality of eggs and chicken. There is something more attractive that you will experience in the production process. The item packs will be unexpectedly given to hard-working players.

This gift package will effectively support you when playing the game. Easily increase the growth rate of chickens, or double the money you get to become a rich farmer. It would help if you worked diligently, and your farm will grow faster. From there, you can unlock new functions that help players reduce the number of clicks on their chickens. However, to unlock improvement, you also have to spend a certain amount of money.

Egg, Inc.


At the research station, players will rely on new technologies to create dominant genes for new generations of chickens. You will spend a small amount of money on the research of new chicken breeds, and the amount of profit you will get will be many times. When you do the research, the value of new chicken eggs increases more than regular chicken eggs. In particular, you can also use rare golden eggs for breeding it a lot, start getting rich with hybrid technology, and you will see many interesting things.

Don’t worry if you spot a drone in the sky. This is not your enemy attacking or destroying your farm, and this drone is the item you need to grab. These aerial eggs will give you a random amount, increasing your income significantly. The larger the size of your farm, the more rewards you will receive, the richer and richer you will be.

Egg, Inc.


Egg, Inc. will give you a large chicken farm space containing many buildings such as incubators, chicken coops, product warehouses, shipping stations, and research areas for new chicken breeds. With many buildings like this, players need to upgrade and expand them to increase production. When you get a new level in the game, the incubator and researcher will automatically upgrade. Other areas need you to use the money to increase the large scale.

You can also make your farm more modern with buildings when you already have a lot of money. The game is suitable for many ages thanks to its simple gameplay and beautiful colors. The graphics of the game are adorable, so it will make the children extremely excited. Along with the cheerful sound will make you happier when taking care of your chickens.

Are you ready to be a farmer with only chicken eggs that become rich? With Egg, Inc, players will experience an idle game but will make you love your farm management. Create quality eggs for you to earn billions of dollars. Grow your small farm into a global egg production company in no time

Egg, Inc. v1.25.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (87M)

Download (87M)

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