Download Empire Defender TD: Premium v2.18.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Empire Defender TD Mod APK – You’re a master of strategic games, right? Thrive on your shrewd strategies and battle difficult foes. Lead your great warriors to battle the evil at your realm’s borders!

Empire Defender will give players the most intense yet exciting battles when they successfully make the most of all their tactical skills. Building towers or taking advantage of heroes will be the key to victory in this game, even expanding the kingdom’s influence across multiple locations or campaigns. On top of that, its extras like special challenges or weekly events will be a tremendous and generous opportunity for everyone to develop their resources.

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Empire Defender: Tower Defense Offline TD Games


The TD mechanism in Empire Defender is entirely different from the usual games, as it has many limitations and ultimately emphasizes the tactical element. Players can also control mighty heroes and freely move on the battlefield to support many separate fronts. Meanwhile, they have to make the most of each tower’s function, thereby combining them to increase the density of the defense.

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Empire Defender: Tower Defense Offline TD Games


The player’s battles are almost endless as they have to fight across many different lands and regions, resulting in various enemies or environments. Depending on where the player is fighting, many effects or external agents also influence the player to take advantage of the defensive lines. Based on the player’s progress, many new areas will gradually unlock and stimulate the player’s adaptability.

Empire Defender: Tower Defense Offline TD Games


The variety of towers is the particular content that Empire Defender wants players to study carefully to create solid defenses. Each tower has many distinct variations continuously upgrades, but they always start at level 1 when starting new battles. Even so, the ability, number, and effects of each unit will be significantly enhanced so that players can coordinate with other towers and create a realistic battlefield.

Empire Defender: Tower Defense Offline TD Games


In addition to the towers, the player can summon various reinforcements or massive destruction skills to aid ground units in critical moments. The proper use of skills will make the defense line safer while eliminating many strong or dangerous targets. Depending on the player’s progress, new skills will gradually unlock in the future, along with many separate elementals for players to take advantage of.


Heroes are accessible units with no effect on the system, and Empire Defender makes them have a lot of potentials to support the defense system. Depending on where they are assigned, they will have some special effects based on the type of tower near them or share the same characteristics. On top of that, heroes can automatically activate skills and give players impressive results in fierce battles.

Empire Defender: Tower Defense Offline TD Games


Familiar activities such as weekly events or challenges always have special structures to test the player’s skills. Moreover, the player will have to use the tower units that the game provides, thereby improvising and completing all the specified objectives. Also, because their structure is random, the rewards are always generous and give players many options to upgrade towers or heroes.

Empire Defender is a new generation tower defense game, so it emphasizes the tactical element to stimulate players rather than randomly placing units without coordination. Furthermore, all of its contents and systems are in-depth for them to take advantage of and create the strongest lines of defense to protect the crucial targets of the kingdom.


  • An gigantic tower defense game that is visually appealing, entertaining, and completely free! Battle TD is the moniker we’ve given it (btd).
  • Offline mode allows you to play whenever and anywhere you choose.
  • Graphics are superior than those seen in most other tower defense and strategy games.
  • Consider all of your power in your hands, and learn all you can about your adversary in order to devise the best plan and tactics. Build the finest defense you can and win the game!
  • In a strategy game, there are 120+ maps and stages that are both tough and entertaining.
  • There are four distinct kinds of Defense Towers, each with various roles and strengths, as well as five upgradeable possibilities. Everything is yours, whether you’re an archer, a mage, a warrior, a dragon, or a golem.
  • Eleven heroes, each having their own set of abilities and capabilities. Choose your heroes to lead the btd 6 battle and avenge those who have wronged you. It’s up to you whether you want to beat or be defeated!
  • There are more than ten different sorts of unique Runes that may be used to empower your heroes and help them drive back any ferocious monsters or invaders.
  • There are around 30 different varieties of foes, each with its unique set of nasty abilities. Don’t underestimate the minions, or your fortress will be destroyed!
  • The fierce boss battle in this addicting strategy and tower defense games and realm defense that you will never witness in any other free tower defense games!
  • 5 Power-ups are the ultimate saviors in the most difficult defending situations.
  • There are over 100 milestones in this game to be conquered by the most powerful defender!
  • Competitive Tournament: Let’s see who is the finest defender in the Infinite Challenge’s global championship!

Empire Defender TD: Premium v2.18.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (131M)

Download (131M)

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