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Eon Player Pro v5.8.2 APK (Paid)

Eon Player Pro is a clean music player with an adaptive interface and use. You can customize the wallpaper playing in the app or the home screen widget. This world brings you millions of great tracks, with the legendary genre from legendary artists who until recently launched music standing at the table currently in vogue.

Eon Player Pro


Coming to Eon Player Pro, users will have the opportunity to experience a unique adaptive interface. The reason it’s called adaptive is that every time a user selects a new song to listen to, the background color of the application will automatically change according to the album art of that track. This auto-adaptation will bring the listener something interesting and interesting every day, every hour as the song is changed in turn.


Not only that but the home screen widget is also adjusted to the color like the adaptive feature in the application’s wallpaper to help users easily recognize the music and bring a new source of emotions. In addition, Eon Player Pro provides the feature to customize the size you want to display on the desktop. Zoom it out until it’s to your liking, everything in this world is limitless.

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Eon Player Pro Eon Player Pro


The information that will appear by default includes many sections such as Tracks, Albums, Artists, Playlists, Genres and Folder View. If you are not satisfied with the full presence of such song data on the main screen, you can immediately access the settings to make them more personal. Friend. Specifically, players are free to delete any pages that they hate, do not want to appear, and are deemed unnecessary. In addition, the order in which the information is arranged can also be changed according to the user’s personal opinion.


Why is Eon Player Pro named the cleanest music player? An easy-to-use, reasonable, public control system without redundancy, every operation, every command button is designed to fit is the answer. The drop-down menu is so unique that it goes right where the user needs and expects it, without causing any ungainly hiccups or hassles. Not only that, in this application does not appear no hidden or complicated menus that hinder users.

Eon Player Pro Eon Player Pro Eon Player Pro


In particular, when traveling you can take with you the whole sky of music in the library available in Eon Player Pro thanks to the fact that it is supported and linked directly with Android ™ Auto. Therefore, even if you do not directly use the application, you can enjoy any music you have added to your library along with your favorite collection.


You can search for the songs you want to enjoy through the intelligent search system, whether it’s a short lyric contained in the song or the full name of the song, it can even recognize the album name, artist name, singer to give appropriate results. One thing that is quite interesting is that it will sort by the current trend to give results. In addition, you can enable the feature to continue playing music even if you have put the phone to sleep using the back lock feature.

Download Eon Player Pro v5.8.2 APK (Paid) for Android

Download (12M)

Download (12M)

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