Download Fantasy Raid v1.3.3 MOD APK (Dumb Enemies, No Skill CD)

Fantasy Raid (Polygon Fantasy) Mod APK is a new vista for players to enjoy the old-school hack-n-slash paired with an open-world adventure. It’s up to you to determine your fate in this intriguing and exhilarating game.

Fantasy Raid (Polygon Fantasy) is a game where players will access different classes of characters and go on quests in locations where enemies await. Players will be able to discover the character’s attack characteristics and choose the right attack strategy not to be defeated in the game. At the same time, during the game, players will be able to receive any dropped equipment on each game screen.

Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG

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In Fantasy Raid, players will take the role of warriors with impressive strength and travel to different locations. Each location has enemies that you must fight and win to complete the level. At the same time, players will be able to move freely inside it and see powerful enemies constantly appearing and trying to reach them. So you will choose specific attacks to destroy them as quickly as possible.

Players will observe the character from a top-down perspective to see the character’s movements and surrounding elements. Each environment you come to has different characteristics, such as forests with ambush troops, goblin residences, and many other completely different locations. Therefore, each experience is exciting for players, and they need to be prepared to wait for them ahead. Indeed this is something that any player cannot ignore.

Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG


The way the player controls the game is not new, as it is typical of RPG titles similar to Fantasy Raid. You should be able to find the basic attack or attack with the skill you see. At the same time, you can fully access the attack mechanism quickly, start your journey against the enemies ahead, and follow the tasks assigned at each level.

Each level has an accompanying task that appears clearly on the screen, and you will quickly see them try to complete it well. At the same time, during the game, you can also promptly receive instructions to move when the game screen is a large world and help you save time in a game screen. In addition, you also need to consider many factors when using the characters that this game offers.

Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG

At the beginning of the level, the player will find the starting characters of the game, and they all have specific stats. They also have different attacks that you will need to be aware of, as the witch will take a short time to fire a normal attack. You will choose the proper distance to attack the enemy so that you do not have to lose blood and fail in the levels, and you will not have to stand still but should take advantage of the surrounding environment.


Character characteristics in Fantasy Raid are characteristic of the RPG genre when players can freely choose the type of character they want. It can be a ranged or close-range character and has unique stats like Warrior’s stats that usually have higher defense than the rest of the characters. So it can satisfy players’ curiosity and help them find their desired play style in this title.

Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG

Over time, they will go through many different levels and gradually unlock the different potentials of the character. Characters all need to have a strong stat, and this comes from the stats and equipment they own. At the same time, items with different qualities constantly appear during the game. In each item, there is an arrow; if it is pointing upwards, it indicates that the item’s stats are higher than the current equipment’s stats.

Players will find RPG experiences full of fun and no less danger:

  • Players will have access to different character classes and make choices that suit their preferences and playstyles that they aspire to.
  • Each character has unique attack characteristics, so players will take the time to find the right attack strategy and use skills.
  • The locations that players pass through are diverse, with different enemies that any player needs to be careful to face.
  • There will always be missions that specify what you have to do in the level and instructions to help you move to the required location.
  • Class qualities determine how players play, and over time, new equipment will appear and dramatically change the character’s stats.

Fantasy Raid v1.3.3 MOD APK (Dumb Enemies, No Skill CD) Download

Download (100M)

Download (100M)

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