Download Figurine Art v0.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Ad-free)

Figurine Art Mod APK – Create hundreds of pop culture-inspired figurines yourself with diy custom design!

Are you prepared to display your creative side?

Build your own action figures from start by putting together the individual components, painting them, and personalizing your figurines via the use of do-it-yourself figurine art. Within the context of these craft games, you will manage a toy store and create a variety of Pop Culture-related figures. While working as a DIY toy maker in an Idle Workshop, a customized DIY Heroes action figurine was being created.

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First things initial: the first phase of each process is to reassemble your previously broken figurine in the empty workshop. In the Toy Maker Games, you have to put together the individual body components to create the completed action figures. After you have finished putting together the DIY heroes, choose a position for the toy you made, and then proceed to the paint shop.

The following phase, which is painting your superhero action figure in the style of online art games, comes after you have completed putting it together and deciding on a position for it. Apply paint on the DIY Heroes, experiment with a variety of color tones, textures, and patterns, and strive to achieve a more lifelike appearance in Paint Games.

Idle Factory allows you to create one-of-a-kind action figurines. Stock your Toy Store with all of the completed superhero Figurines you’ve been working on. In order to open the next Figurines in the toy store, you need to raise money. Figure Master will let you to use new plinths, colors, and textures after you have unlocked them.

Figurine Art v0.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Ad-free) Download

Download (229.13 MB)

Download (229.13 MB)

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