Download Final 5 v1.0.36 MOD APK (EXP, God Mode, Move Speed)

Final 5 Mod APK – Survive the zombie horde. Be the survivor! FIGHT, SMASH, SLAY, and SHOOT!

Massive hordes of mutants, zombies, and rampaging robots have swamped the world, intent on annihilating all human life. You, as the hero, must save the world. You have a long journey ahead of you, but the Epoch Rewinder will assist you in overcoming any obstacles. The Epoch Rewinder lets you modify things in the past, learn from your mistakes, and devise better strategies and weapon combinations for your next attempt to save the world.

Final 5 allows you to hire heroes from various classes to assist you on your epic journey. You can choose from core or tank characters like the Archer, Soldier, Samurai, and Assassin, as well as unique heroes like the Rockstar and Cyborg. What if you could arm yourself with a bow and arrow and become history’s greatest brewmasters? Or will you rely only on your brute force to become the greatest tank hero of all time? Katanas, plasma mines, bows, arrows, and UV lamps can kill, and Hadouken can fight large numbers. Play with a bow, arrow, crossbow, gun, or another odd weapon. Level up, combine skills, and beat your opponents to reach the top.

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There is a significant danger that the world will be destroyed very soon. The Skyreach Tower was the only place on Earth where people could dwell safely for several months after the pandemic began. The building, however, was attacked by a swarm of zombies and other mutant animals. The stronghold was no longer accessible as a haven. There is no other option but to go to the roof. Your wrist-worn Epoch Rewinder prototype activates just in time to keep you from being carried away by the oncoming wave of death. The clock is set back 5 minutes, and the Tusten Tower is restored to its previous state. You have FIVE MINUTES to save the planet with nothing but your trusty bow and arrow and the Epoch Rewinder.

Final 5 v1.0.36 MOD APK (EXP, God Mode, Move Speed) Download

Download (668M)

Download (668M)

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