Download Football Rising Star v2.0.13 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & More)

Football Rising Star Mod APK is a game that helps players become talented and admired soccer players worldwide. You will be free to express your passion for football and your talent in the most comfortable and fun way.

When participating in the game, you have the right to choose the most suitable game mode depending on each person’s preferences. Besides, you will learn and practice every day with your teammates. To become a professional player, you need to go through competitions and difficulties in the process of physical training. With your efforts and talented football talents, you can ultimately become a player loved by many people.

Football Rising Star

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Players can participate in exciting and intense football matches with many opponents when coming to Football Rising Star. You can work with your team members to think of the most innovative and skillful football strategies to defeat the opponent. Moreover, it would help if you had a calm and steady mentality, should not be afraid and panic before the fierce attack of the opponent. You should arrange the formation and know how to avoid dangerous kicks wisely and quickly.

Football Rising Star Football Rising Star


In kicking the ball with the opponent, you will encounter many dangerous threats. That’s why you need to have the will, courage, and perseverance to work hard every day. Moreover, you know how to quickly handle situations that come suddenly and unexpectedly so that you can defend your team’s goal. You will receive many different types of valuable titles and hundreds of the best achievements through this level.


Football Rising Star will bring players to enjoy a graphic with many new and unique characters. They are all realistically sketched by the designer with many different shapes, helping players enjoy each match. In addition, the scene in the battle is also vibrant and created with many different colors. The layout arrangements in each frame are very natural and make many players enjoy. In addition, the music should be vibrant, always making the mood of each player more excited and happy.

Football Rising Star Football Rising Star


  • Enjoy a fun football space with many other players most comfortably and vibrantly.
  • Feel free to develop unique, rich, and innovative strategies, always looking for new ways of playing to help your team score more wins.
  • Quickly complete the tasks to get well-deserved trophies and many other exciting achievements.
  • You can ultimately become a great player if you always know how to work hard to practice and develop your ability every day.

Football Rising Star v2.0.13 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & More) Download

Download (93M)

Download (93M)

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