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Forge Defence Mod APK requires players to protect the main character with different defensive elements. The construction process takes place during the day, and the player will see the effect of the buildings at night.

Forge Defence is a game whose goal is to protect an essential house, the game that targets many enemies. Players will have access to various buildable elements that have different effects on enemies. At the same time, things will become more difficult when monsters appear at night, and you will try to maintain your defense. Several element boosters will be helpful in many different situations.

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Forge Defence


When players start with Forge Defence, they will find a house that is the home of the main character in the game, and of course, the area is not safe. It is only safe because it is morning, but there will be enemies constantly appearing and causing dangers to the character at night. So, the player will make some builds from the resources he has to establish a strong defense to destroy the enemy.

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The player will be taken to a list of systems with elements in the defense section, and sure enough, you will see the number of resources consumed. Players will choose the elements they want, and each choice has different properties that you will need to take care of. At the same time, players will see everything from a wide perspective and can observe and choose how to design their defenses against the enemy.

Forge Defence


Players will observe everything that happens in the pixel world of Forge Defence and even the change of time, and everything interesting happens at night. You will see dangerous enemies constantly appearing and trying to reach your area, and of course, the defenses around the house will play to their full potential when creating difficulties for the enemies. At the same time, players will receive different support.

These supports often come from things that the player can build over time as they will need to place a lot of things around their house and consume a lot of resources. At the same time, players can also use the boosters that this game provides, and the number of boosters will appear over time. These boosters are useful when creating a shield, providing useful potions, or even skipping a dangerous night for the player.

Forge Defence

Players will have a mission to protect the house being targeted:

  • Players will start the game screen when they see a house appear in the middle of a large area, and this is the goal protected from monsters.
  • Time in this game is divided into morning and evening when morning will be time to build, and enemies will appear in the evening.
  • Players will receive different buildings, and they will decide how to place these elements to create a strong defense.
  • These factors can make monsters difficult to approach, and night is the time to test the effectiveness of defenses.
  • Besides different buildings, users can completely use boosters with impressive effects like skipping a dangerous night.

Forge Defence v2.38 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (124M)

Download (124M)

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