Download Forsaken World v5.6.0 APK + MOD (Move Speed)

Forsaken World has a unique appearance with an expanded hero list and a story of finding justice for the chaotic kingdom. Will you be the mediator in this story? Can we rebuild the ruined city from the ruins? Rely on your ability to perform!

Forsaken World creates legendary hero names when allowing players to immerse themselves in the peak space of the combination of graphics and sound. The game offers the best experience to create your own story more than vivid. The journey in this kingdom is not over yet; there will be more quests and bigger surprises every day. What do you need to do when standing in front of them? The system will give you the most accurate answer.

Forsaken World: Gods&Demons

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We received some of the best initial reviews of customer requests in Forsaken World. Therefore, the emergence of new gameplay is not without controversy. Accompanying it is another tournament called Grandmaster; this is the only championship in the world that everyone wants. Can you conquer? Event gifts are always guaranteed in terms of time; you will receive them soon. Discover more stories in Homeland to take advantage of the promotion of the female general Ranger!

Forsaken World: Gods&Demons


The vast space surrounding you in Forsaken World is a long story of the history of the heroes of the time. First of all, the landscape here will make you immersed in it; hundreds of splendid and massive structures will be recreated. Along with that are the arenas and sleeping monsters. This place hides countless different secrets. Continue your journey to discover them. A notable dwarves club helps you have the necessary equipment that will serve you wholeheartedly during the trip. You will meet and exchange with millions of other players around the world.

Forsaken World: Gods&Demons

Storm’s mighty army advanced from the outside, threatening many of its inhabitants to flee. Besides, the guilds have conflicts to take advantage of competing for resources. These problems raise concerns for the safety of this prosperous kingdom. Players can choose a character and form their own guild, break the chaos and find the best solution to the current problem.


Forsaken World will take the player to another card, where you can change your character’s appearance and outfit thanks to the control panel. Customize the face and create the best version of the legendary character. The right outfits for exploration should be carefully selected based on factors such as aesthetics and ease of operation. There will never be a duplicate between you and another version, and pay attention to that and create the best version for the event seasons.

Forsaken World: Gods&Demons

Each adventure will open when you start logging into the system. We’ll get you started in a certain location, but the main thing is to find a pharmacy. You will probably need precious herbs when injured. Along the way, finding usable items and other weapons will help you become strong. Collect them and bring them to research to create something special. For everyday life, players will sometimes just need to relax and fish after having to fight in a series of challenging missions.


Forsaken World always brings the freshest feeling to any player participating. Extraordinary stories will be constantly updated and created. Every day, search your bag for different items for your trip. The priority task in this series of activities is to create encounters and form guilds for enjoyable activities later. This will be a unique world for heroes like you, remove the dangers along the way and master the fun. We are waiting for your positive reviews.

Forsaken World: Gods&Demons


– Join the epic story of heroes with special powers.
– Explore the mystical world before destroying some internal gangs and threats from the elite army from another land.
– Make essential changes to the character’s appearance.
– Collect items and items along the way to survive longer in this world.
– Solve the assigned tasks every day and receive the corresponding number of coins.


Forsaken World v5.6.0 APK + MOD (Move Speed) Download

Download (800M)

Download (800M)

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