Download FPS Offline Strike v3.9.22 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Weapons)

FPS Offline Strike optimizes the shooting experience with more engaging stories with a vast campaign plot. There, players will have to team up and directly perform dangerous actions.

FPS Offline Strike provides a playground for shooters from many parts of the world. You will be one of them, control your character and go straight to the battlefield ahead. A lot of stories are built, new details are discovered. In the climax of chaos, you must fulfill your duty as a strong soldier and make your name on the list of survivors. Welcome to the updated version with a host of supported features.

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FPS Offline Strike : Missions


To meet customers’ needs, FPS Offline Strike has continuously recorded player reviews and improved errors in updated versions. Models that appear on your battlefield are edited into perfect objects. Players will receive more daily rewards for frequent visits and login confirmation. Sometimes the leaderboard will encounter errors and annoy the participants by messing up the order; we have fixed them.

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Players can now have fun in a 3D space built from a combination of immersive visuals and sound. Many details are fully exploited to help you get a more realistic experience with the game. On the battlefield, any of your actions will make a sound. The story continues with event tournaments. A series of changes related to the image will be announced when they are held. Event models that will make you happy.

FPS Offline Strike : Missions


Before the game officially begins, players have a few minutes to prepare in the waiting room of the FPS Offline Strike. They will begin to equip the character with suitable costumes. The items will be neatly arranged in the menu; you can search for anything. Newly designed skins require conditions to unlock. Players collect coins and unlock costumes to use. As for the gifts, you can also sometimes get extra costumes when you open the mystery chest.

When ready for the upcoming confrontations, players begin to join the battle. Once the fun is confirmed, the players have a few seconds to warm up and run around looking at the situation. An airplane will take you to the fighting position, stretch your parachute and jump down. Many exciting clashes are coming, but you need to collect the guns and ammo boxes you want. Many useful items are also discovered and equipped at this time, such as backpacks hats, …

FPS Offline Strike : Missions


The topics exploited in FPS Offline Strike are incredibly diverse; you can start with any topic you want. In the form of team play, you need to join a squad that includes many gunmen, and you will have to defeat the remaining opponents in your team. In general, the form of team combat gives you an extra advantage and gets more help when participating. The campaign also owns more players, and the rewards are more diverse.

For the single-player mode, the player will participate in a respawn match. People face each other in many battles, such as warehouses, grasslands, abandoned car repair areas. The stories have just begun. Guns and bullets will be arranged in a concentrated position on the map; you can come and choose when you want to change equipment. However, all around are enemies, and you have no teammates, need to be alert, and can not be defeated. The system for ranking will record the number of kills and respawns.

FPS Offline Strike : Missions


FPS Offline Strike always wants to bring a more special playground for the experience. More choices for you when participating in the selection of costumes. Upgrades related to weapons and ammunition will help you make a big victory. The system shuffles the powerful elements and matches the team randomly. Players will participate in the campaign in many forms and play with many themes. However, any theme will bring you many rewards if you win.

FPS Offline Strike : Missions


  • Astonishing graphics techniques, realistic battlefield simulation, and character designs that make you feel alive.
  • Feel the sounds of things around you to identify enemies watch for major changes in the latest update.
  • Special costumes for the occasion of the event, the times to receive additional battle costumes with the help of treasure chests.
  • Professional weapons like shotguns, long guns, grenades are provided when you start the match; run around to find the desired gun.
  • Choose the right topic to explore; you will enjoy the story when joining teammates, with friends or simply hunting alone.

FPS Offline Strike v3.9.22 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Weapons) Download

Download (64M)

Download (64M)

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