Download Friendly Social Browser v6.9.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Friendly Social Browser v6.9.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Friendly Social Browser is known as the world that includes many of the most popular social networking sites in a single application.

Never before has your battery been saved like when you entered the world of Friendly Social Browser. You will experience a wide range of particular emotions with our most impressive features. It could be a search keyword filter feature that keeps you away from uninteresting posts. And vice versa, you can also have attractive posts that match the users’ interests in the first category. Not only that, but you can also download heavy data to mobile devices easily.

Friendly Social Browser Friendly Social Browser


First of all, this app is constantly attracting millions of users to download by its unique download feature. Suppose you are enjoying a video or a photo and want to own it immediately. We’ll help you download them within a minute. No matter how much space that data takes up, it doesn’t matter to this application. Enjoy the highest possible picture and video quality.

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Not stopping there, Friendly Social Browser owns a best-selling feature that not all similar applications can do. The feature I’m talking about here is that you can control your own news feed. A good example to help you visualize this unique feature is if you hate the field of fashion. You can immediately set up to block keywords related to the fashion industry, such as trends, designers, etc…

Friendly Social Browser Friendly Social Browser


In contrast to the above feature, we have a filter preference for specific keywords. If the above is to block, prevent news feeds containing keywords that have been set not to appear, here, you will receive a big surprise. Specifically, users can freely set certain keywords. From there, articles containing those keywords will automatically be at the top of the user-specific message board.


In addition, users will see the contents in a certain order regarding news feed posts. Users will never have to worry about not being able to update the latest information anymore. If there is no special preference, Friendly Social Browser will automatically sort news feeds by time condition, and the most recent post will be first. Therefore, users can also enjoy the hottest and hottest information without going far.


If you own Friendly Social Browser, users will not need any other third-party applications. Because now, users can freely access the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Messenger… We don’t lack anything you want with just a simple application like this. Then do not hesitate to use this application when it can allow you to switch social media accounts easily.

Friendly Social Browser Friendly Social Browser


Not only that, but Friendly Social Browser also gives you even more great features related to security. Because this application allows you to register for many different accounts, the security issue between accounts is significant. Understanding the need of customers, we constantly bring you to account security through many different ways. Specifically, it is a fingerprint or password. If your mobile device supports fingerprinting for security reasons, we can sync it for you. Otherwise, security with a pin code is also not a bad feature.

Finally, Friendly Social Browser gives you a great experience with great graphics. Users will have the opportunity to enjoy themes that are changed and updated regularly. Not stopping there, you also enjoy the automatic day and night mode according to the mobile device’s clock. Thanks to that, your eyes are protected to the maximum. In addition, AMOLED mode is introduced with a feature that helps you save a significant amount of energy.


  • This is an application that allows you to control and freely move between different social networking accounts.
  • You can secure your accounts with each other through the efficient fingerprint or pin passcode feature.
  • Save a significant amount of battery power when you don’t need to use many applications through AMOLED mode.
  • Automatically switch to day and night mode to give you the best protection for your eyes and enjoy the most user-friendly themes.
  • The keyword filter control feature makes it easy to stay away from information that is not of your interest.

Friendly Social Browser v6.9.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (23M)

Download (23M)

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