Download Gabbys Dollhouse v2.6.20.5978 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked Paid Content)

Gabbys Dollhouse Mod APK takes players to a world of dolls to interact with what they want and meet cute cats. They also can’t ignore their requirements for unexpected rewards.

Gabbys Dollhouse is a doll world that allows players to meet cute cats of different shapes. You can interact with what you see to see how it changes, and from there, you can also find different areas full of fun. At the same time, during the exploration, the player also sees the requests of the cats, and if done well, they will bring you a surprise gift.

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Gabbys Dollhouse: Games & Cats


If you are a lover of cute animals, you should not miss Gabbys Dollhouse, which brings you interesting moments of entertainment. Players will be able to enter a world of dolls and do many things with what they see or are asked to. At the same time, there, they can also meet cats with completely impressive appearances, such as a cat possessing an appearance similar to a cupcake.

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Since this is a world of dolls, players can explore and touch what they want. They can see many elements and connect them to see the change, which will attract the player’s curiosity. For example, you will see through the weather window outside, and of course, with just one touch, the weather and time will change as day turns to night completely quickly.

Gabbys Dollhouse: Games & Cats


When you step into the world of Gabbys Dollhouse, you will surely be impressed with a house with a design similar to a cat. At the same time, you also know the places you can go in this house, and you can touch anywhere you want. You can also see cats in these areas, and they have requirements that the player must complete. Of course, they are usually accompanied by something related to the request.

You can see a cupcake cat standing near a sink, and the different soap bubbles created. The request of this cat is to find a pink soap ball, and you will find a way to make the hand sink create more soap bubbles. At the same time, when the process is complete, it will give you a gift, and when you open it, it is a cute picture of that cat taken.

Gabbys Dollhouse: Games & Cats

Players will be impressed with the cute experience of the game:

  • Players will have easy access to the game’s world of dolls and interact with things they see that might attract them.
  • Players will be able to touch different elements and see the change distinctly, and there are many such elements in different regions.
  • Different areas will facilitate you to find cats with cute shapes and require players to complete the requirements.
  • The requirements of the cats are different that you cannot ignore because that is the way for you to receive unexpected gifts.
  • These gifts are the cute moments of the cats, and from there, you will try to collect them all by completing the requests.

Gabbys Dollhouse v2.6.20.5978 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked Paid Content) Download

Download (197M)

Download (197M)

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