Download Game Studio Creator v2.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Game Studio Creator: Idle Game makes it possible for you to become the manager of an Internet cafe in no time and start a business. Build and upgrade a few other services to serve customers.

Game Studio Creator: Idle Game will be a perfect choice for those who love business and want to experience the feeling of being a manager. Internet cafe is known to be quite a famous business model for young people today because it is a place that provides internet access services in the form of coffee shop. And coming to this game, you will be transformed into a manager of an Internet cafe and start developing your cafe.

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Game Studio Creator – Build your own internet cafe


Choosing for yourself cafes with quiet space is a new trend that young people love and apply. But one disadvantage that it brings is that they have to carry too many bulky technology devices. Understanding that sentiment has now begun to appear a lot of coffee shops that combine the provision of computers so that customers can access the Internet easily. And you have just started this business model and nurtured the dream of becoming rich in the future.

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What you get when you first enter Game Studio Creator is a relatively small office, and you will fill the place by installing a few computers to serve the first customers. It will be a bit small at first because you don’t have too many computers, but it still helps you earn enough money to expand a few more rooms. After a while in the business, you will find that you have more room, and the business is also growing.

Game Studio Creator – Build your own internet cafe


Any customer wants a variety of services from a certain business model because it gives them great experiences. In order for your beloved customers not to get bored, you should upgrade your PC and some other devices. You can visit the store to buy yourself some game consoles with modern VR glasses and improve either the console or the sound system.

You should also build technology devices and decorate your cafe with a few accessories or furniture to make it look more attractive and outstanding. Remember to arrange everything in the shop to feel comfortable, and it doesn’t look too cluttered. In addition to earning extra income, you can also provide a few other types of items as well as open more grocery stores.

Game Studio Creator – Build your own internet cafe


  • Start extraordinary business ideas when you own that only appear in your dreams.
  • Managing a new business model with Internet service in the form of a coffee shop.
  • Increase income for your model by many other attached business types.
  • Idle-style gameplay is straightforward, convenient for those who do not have too much time.
  • Interesting, unique graphics can bring a lot of new emotions in terms of visuals.

Game Studio Creator v2.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (44M)

Download (44M)

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