Download Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack v5.2 APK (Patched)

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Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack v5.2 APK (Patched)

Garis Dark is a useful tool that can help users personalize the device’s main interface. With a large number of specially designed icons that will be able to give your home screen a special facelift.

Garis Dark is a special application that can best support the device’s main interface you are setting up and using. If you feel that manufacturers’ settings in which your home screen interface is pre-designed are too boring, this will be a useful application. This application will help you get a special ability with exciting changes and editing of the main screen display interface.

Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack


In order for their users to have the ability to change the appearance of the device’s home screen, the application display icons will need to be changed. Usually, the native icons that devices are currently showing are designed to be familiar to all phones based on the operating system. With Garis Dark, you will be able to completely replace the basic icons of your device with a large number of up to 3000 different uniquely designed icons.

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With the current update trends, operating systems are turning the user interface into a black background in order to save battery capacity best. Therefore, all the icons designed by the application are also intended to give users a good connection experience with the black background interfaces. The icons will be colored in a neon style with lots of bright colors that blend together and make them stand out in the dark.


Besides, one of the things users care about in icon-changing applications is quality. With Garis Dark, the manufacturer guarantees that the application will always provide the best quality icons in all use cases. All app icons will be designed with 256x256px HD sharpness, which will be best displayed on your home screen.


Moreover, to be able to meet the personalization needs of users, the application has also added a lot of alternative icons. With alternative icons, you will be able to completely change and edit your important applications so that they can become more memorable. And all the alternative symbols prepared for you will also achieve the highest level of quality and perfection.

Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack


  • The application is designed to help users customize and completely change the device’s home screen interface.
  • With carefully designed icons in neon colors that make them stand out from dark wallpapers.
  • A large number of more than 3000 icons are already available in the collection and promise to increase with updates.
  • Various best-quality alternative icons are also prepared so that you can personalize your device.
  • The application icons provided to users will be supported with a sharp and beautiful 256x256px HD resolution.

Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack v5.2 APK (Patched) Download

Download (32M)

Download (32M)

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