Download Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle v22.1209.00 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Gem Blast allows you to break Lily’s curse by collecting many gems. Breaking through difficult situations and winning upgrades is precisely what you should do.

Gem Blast brings you to a great challenge that is to rescue our cat Lily from the curse immediately. We need to solve the puzzles and get all the keys to breaking this curse. This is an exciting puzzle game, and each puzzle is a big challenge that covers many small challenges, and you need to cover the challenges and win big.

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Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle


Our cat Lily is entangled with great curses, and now it is up to you to rescue. Players need to solve all puzzles overcome all challenges to be able to rescue successfully. The key is in one of the mysterious boxes, and that’s when you have to explore all the boxes to find. Hundreds of massive levels are given, and you need to collect gems from Gem Blast.

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Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle


The puzzles are given more and more, and you need to show all your abilities. Stones of the same color stacked on top of each other create a separate area, and you need to combine to make them connect to each other. Moreover, it would help if you also created multi-colored gems to get the feature of breaking a series of stones in the box. Collect the items the game requires and complete your own challenges quickly.

Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle


Many attractive support features are also offered right in this game. Gem Blast wants you to take advantage of the opportunity to find new supports. More specifically, these supports will help you a lot, can help you pass the challenge more quickly, or redirect the puzzle. Each feature promotes a unique ability, and that’s when you show all those exciting abilities. Moreover, you also need to immediately use the big hints that the game provides to be able to win the most significant score, surpassing the opponent.

Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle


  • Solve the mysterious puzzles that the game provides to collect the universal key quickly
  • Find the common stones next to each other and proceed to break them to combine into a multi-colored stone.
  • Take on a series of upgrade challenges to get the ideal help for the rescue.
  • Go through each level, and you can get help from your friends in the decoding process.
  • Especially, you can skip the challenging levels and replace them with more interesting puzzles.

Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle v22.1209.00 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download

Download (48M)

Download (48M)

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