Download Gemstone Legends v0.47.538 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God Mode)

Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG with exciting gameplay and compelling storyline will help players transform into the heroes of Greek mythology. Take up the challenge with match-3 levels and defeat ferocious monsters.

Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG will be a familiar match-3 game that you should not ignore because of its fascinating gameplay combined with an engaging storyline. You participate in fun match-3 game screens and are immersed in dramatic and eye-catching matches. Carry on a noble mission to gather heroes to form a super team and fight against the army of giant monsters trying to attack you.

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Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG


Gemstone Legends begins in the very peaceful city of Patras, and everything is going very generally until one day there are attacks of ferocious monsters. It is unknown where they come from, but their goal is to invade the territory and eat all the humans living here. It seems that everything is about to end, but somewhere some brave people will fight hard.

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Coming to this game, you will play the role of characters inspired by the heroes of Greek mythology, and you will represent justice to fight evil. Monsters are numerous, but they are also very ferocious and mighty. Therefore, you need to strengthen your strength and equip yourself with a lot of different weapons, but most importantly, you still have to keep your will.

Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG


To attack these ferocious monsters, you must overcome many challenges presented through different match-3 levels. Before starting a game screen, you will choose the heroes you want to fight and up to 5 characters. Your task is to connect three or more similar gems to create one damage attack on the monster, and the more you connect, the higher the damage will be.

Not only that, but you also have to solve the different puzzles from easy to complex that Gemstone Legends has given and especially destroy all the gems on the screen to help the hero get the ultimate power. It seems pretty easy to overcome with the early stages, but the difficulty will gradually increase to a level that makes you overwhelmed later on. The only way is to collect as many valuable items as water or food.

Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG Gemstone Legends: match-3 RPG


  • Take part in a highly engaging fighting role-playing game with many challenges ahead.
  • The gameplay will be built in a classic match-3 style but extremely attractive.
  • A theatrical story will be told in the unique style of the game.
  • Lots of challenges and monsters waiting to be defeated and overcome.
  • Realistic game graphics, beautiful, attractive to many players at first sight.

Gemstone Legends v0.47.538 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God Mode) Download

Download (320M)

Download (320M)

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