Download Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters v0.5.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters Mod APK introduces players to two characters who act as hunters as they constantly try to find objects to capture and traverse chapters of varying difficulty.

Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters is a horror game where people’s roles change as they play as chasers of predefined targets. Players will go inside the environment, find the necessary objects and complete the level’s goal. At the same time, the game offers you a choice of characters with unique skills and variable difficulty.

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The experience that players find in Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters will be somewhat different from other titles in the horror genre. Now, the player is no longer the subject of capture and evades the pursuit of other scary characters. In other words, players will become hunting targets and try to catch the hidden objects in the game’s environment. It will undoubtedly be an interesting and highly tactical experience.

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Players will enter a location filled with objects that they can interact with while acting as the fearsome Grandpa or Granny. They will see everything from a first-person perspective, and for sure, you will identify the targets you need to capture through the cutscene of each chapter. At the same time, each character has completely different reactions to trying to escape from you and seek help. So you should act carefully and try to complete the level.


At the start of the level of Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters, the player will identify the main quest and the additional quest to complete the level. Of course, it’s also possible to prioritize these types of tasks, and once you’ve identified your goals, you should start looking for objects within the environment. You shouldn’t be looking for them in a hurry; you should find a way so that no one can go and help them.

Each level has different items such as repair tools, traps, and many other elements. At the same time, you will be able to locate specific items that determine the game’s outcome, such as the area’s communication lines. You will try to locate them and use the items located in the level area to destroy it. In addition, you can only hold one object at a time, and you should know the exact location of the objects you drop to find them again easily.

Once you have peace of mind that the line of communication has been cut off, you will begin to hunt down targets hiding within the environment in which you are standing. Specifically, you will need to find your weapons again, and when you see a target, you should try to get close to them and paralyze them for a few seconds. You can load crippled targets into your vehicle to complete levels, and as a hunter, speed and judgment will be what helps you catch targets quickly.


An interesting point that you cannot ignore in Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters is that you will have the right to choose between two characters, Granny and Grandpa. Each character has its characteristics, and you can choose depending on your preferences. For example, Grandpa will often have faster speed and possess a hammer that can paralyze the target. Granny will usually be able to hide easily and find his way quickly in large areas.

It doesn’t stop there, as players can also find more challenging experiences through different chapters. Inevitably, the environment you go to will constantly change, and new objects will appear that you must adapt to. At the same time, many changes can happen as you can change the difficulty with the four difficulty levels that the game offers. Surely, there will be many exciting and challenging things waiting for you ahead.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the impressive chasing experience:

  • Players will act as two scary characters, Granny and Grandpa, to capture the children, block their escape, and ask-for-help methods.
  • Many objects appear inside the environment that the player needs to find and interact with to perform tasks and complete the level.
  • Targets can be paralyzed if you use a weapon to attack them, and you can quickly move these targets onto the vehicle easily.
  • The character the player chooses will have different characteristics, and they will offer different ways of completing the level.
  • The experiences players find will constantly change as they choose different difficulty levels and traverse the locations of new chapters.

Grandpa And Granny Two Hunters v0.5.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (123M)

Download (123M)

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