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The Ground Digger gives you a digger to drill down into the deep soil layers and notice their characteristic changes. You can upgrade the digger and get additional companions to speed up the exploration.

Ground Digger gives you a task to explore the depths of the earth with a digger and collect the necessary items. You can easily manage many different items to get gold coins to use in the game and upgrade the digger. At the same time, each floor that you find requires a certain level, so gathering enough resources to upgrade is a necessity.

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Ground Digger


In Ground Digger, the player will control a digger, and its tip will be a sharp drill that can pierce anything. This device will be used to help players explore the underground elements with this sharp and effective drill. At the same time, you will be able to challenge yourself to what limit you can go and discover what is mysterious on each different floor. The control method of this game is also completely accessible.

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The player will steer the digger with one hand by tapping and dragging in the direction you want to navigate the vehicle. Also, when you swipe down, the digger will do its drilling, and you are free to drill to any position you desire for free exploration. An interesting point that anyone will notice is that when the player swipes upwards, the digger will use the engine and fly into the air. So it can be said that the digger can move freely in the way the player wants.


Once you’ve mastered the digger’s controls, you’ll be able to conduct various explorations in the Ground Digger. Specifically, you will be able to drill to the positions you feel are suitable, and of course, you will see many items with different characteristics. It can be an old item, or you can collect many valuable gems if you are lucky. At the same time, a limit that any player cannot overcome is the fuel limit of the vehicle.

Ground Digger

Moving won’t consume as much of the digger’s fuel, but as drilling is made, you’ll find the fuel will continuously decrease. At the same time, when the energy has run out, the player can return to recharge and continue their exploration. This recharging process can be done continuously, and indeed, you will be able to have many exciting discoveries until you reach a new level of the earth.

When you go to a new ground and cross it, you will find a change in the environment. Each environment has an impressive design and valuable resources for you to collect. Also, you won’t need to go back to the base on the upper floor to recharge because each floor has buildings with similar features. The game offers a variety of environments for players to explore at their own pace.


These gems bring value in Ground Digger is exchanged for gold coins, the resource used to upgrade the digger. You will see the digger upgrade represented by a progress bar, and you will know its current level. Also, as you fill this progress bar, the digger’s appearance will change to become more dramatic and powerful over time. So surely any player will want to explore the deeper levels.

The digger upgrade is useful in this game because it helps you reach the lower floors, and the condition to get to the next floor is enough for the digger. Also, when you drill soil layers on a floor, you will be able to collect soils that will be used to unlock companions. These are mini diggers, and they can automatically operate to help you drill more soil layers, and their progress sometimes won’t match your digger.

Ground Digger

Players will control the digger and explore the floors in the game:

  • Each floor in this game has different equipment, but they share the same buildings that support diggers and valuable items to exploit.
  • Players will control the digger easily with one hand and navigate it to perform ground drilling or soar.
  • The items you collect can be used to exchange for gold and have an energy limit that requires the player to recharge.
  • Gold coins can strengthen your digger to reach new ground, and when it reaches a limit, its appearance will change.
  • The soils that you collect during drilling will be a resource to unlock mini diggers and upgrade their effectiveness to aid you.

Ground Digger v2.4.2 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Download (51M)

Download (51M)

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