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Guardian Tales is shaped by a classic adventure story when the protagonist is chosen as one of the suitable heroes in Kanterbury. Players need to act firmly and fiercely when facing enemies and challenges.

Guardian Tales builds many barriers that make the journey to explore the land of Kanterbury engulfed in wars difficult. Players have multiple quests to do at the start of their journey individually. The problematic situations presented along the way all involve giant bosses hiding behind. All that is happening is a secret; we believe that you will soon succeed with the help of team mode. The interesting and new things added in the updated version will make you happy.

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Guardian Tales


The following stories make up exciting developments in Guardian Tales. Players will have to go through puzzles with increasing difficulty. When you are just starting your exploration, the challenges will be simpler to help you get used to life here. In the sprawling forests, giant rocks will block your footsteps. This path leads to a hidden treasure. You will be equipped with explosives and bombs; use them your way.

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You pass through the woods and possess a powerful sword or scabbard with significant damage; the player will come to a dungeon with many passages. Here, the real battles take place. You will have to choose the correct path ahead and be careful with the creatures you encounter along the way. Unexpected confrontations will make it difficult for you to accept. However, where the monsters lived, the owner of the basements would be a big obstacle. The quiet atmosphere will be replaced by the sound of riots when you have to fight the boss.

Guardian Tales


Life in Guardian Tales has too many potential dangers. When everything threatens to attack you or block your way, you will need the support of weapons. The system offers a collection of more than 100 different items that will be a favorite choice for trips, and players will pay a sum to receive them. Besides, the appearance of many new complex weapons on each version update will give you more options.

A collection of dozens of heroes with power sources representing the energies of nature will be provided to assist you in your journeys. With each confrontation, dealing with monsters alone was difficult to guarantee victory. The player is given a rally command to the three most powerful heroes to combine their strength and fight against the surprise attack. The winning will be divided among the winners, will you win that prize or not?

Guardian Tales


One of the reasons for players to be able to survive longer when entering the lair of monsters in Guardian Tales is the application of unique strategies in combat. Each person can develop and apply many tactics. Players also create a community and find a few suitable friends to get a flawless victory. The opportunity to fight with friends and explore the mysterious land is extremely valuable.


Guardian Tales is the longest journey of fighting, exploration, and survival for players who love exploration content. Life revolves around the invaded land of Kanterbury, but the discovery is always extremely rich. The player traverses the road with many obstacles to reach the treasure and the tunnels. This place will be the location for large-scale attacks from demons. Life in an unsafe world is worth experiencing, but you need strategy, preparation, and companionship. Victory is within reach; grab them!

Guardian Tales


  • Develop the story of exploring the land destroyed by the forces of outer space, learn the situations that once took place here, and have the most convincing answer to the mystery of the bosses.
  • The strength of each hero is supported by energy from nature. They can fight non-stop with unique weapons, pair up with teammates, and move forward to win.
  • Explore a massive collection of weapons with hundreds of valuable pieces of equipment, which players can buy and use for upcoming matches. When you awaken the demons, the dungeon will be where the battle against them will take place.
  • Complete the assigned tasks and proceed to receive the rewards for the winners. You can create remarkable achievements on the leaderboard and become the hero with the best ability.
  • Play and challenge yourself in fierce battles with friends. Crowded communities will be ideal for players to find a great companion.

Guardian Tales v2.60.1 APK (Latest) Download

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Download (190M)

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