Download Guru Maps Pro v5.1.3 APK + MOD (Paid & Patched)

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Guru Maps Pro v5.1.3 APK + MOD (Paid & Patched)

Guru Maps Pro is an application that provides users with a highly professional offline map. You can view maps that perform driving routes or outdoor activities exceptionally efficiently with built-in features.

Guru Maps Pro will be a perfect application for users who often have their own outdoor activities. If you are a sports lover or travel away from home, this will definitely be an application that you will not be able to ignore in your mobile device collection. With this application, users will be able to experience a professionally built offline map system right on their device.

Guru Maps Pro Guru Maps Pro


Having an offline map is extremely important for those who have jobs related to movement or love outdoor activities. But one of the disadvantages that offline map applications often encounter is the low level of accuracy. To be able to solve this problem, Guru Maps Pro will provide its users with a detailed map covering the entire world that will be analyzed based on OpenStreetMap data.

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In addition, in order to improve its user experience, the application has also tried hard to design with useful features. The first thing to mention will definitely be that the font size of the labels on the map will be designed and customized so that it can be read by users most easily. Along with that will also be the special designs of the hills, and the contours will also be refined so that users can visualize them more comfortably.

Guru Maps Pro Guru Maps Pro


Next will be a feature that can give its users certain peace of mind when using Guru Maps Pro regularly. There will often be unnecessary errors with map applications if there are some problems in reality. And to be able to overcome this in the best way, the developers of the application have also committed to their users that the map system will constantly be updated monthly.


Besides the feature that can give its users the ability to see the map, the ability to move will also be a key feature that the application builds. With this feature, users will be able to get turn-by-turn driving directions with different alternative routes that you can choose from. What’s more, your directions can also be fully voiced in 9 different languages.


More than that, what the application always wants to integrate so that its users can make the best use of it is the ability to synchronize, and it has been added. With this feature, your essential data circuits can be easily moved from many different devices with ease. Any device you are using is using the Android or iOS operating system; as long as Guru Maps Pro is logged in with the same account, the data will be able to be synchronized.

Guru Maps Pro Guru Maps Pro


With the maximum development of current technology, mapping applications will be able to optimize the user experience in the best way. This will be shown in a clear and detailed way through the application will combine with the GPS feature in the device to suggest attractive features. This feature will allow you to record your movements on the map even when your device is in the background. Along with that, you will quickly determine your position on the map with relative accuracy.


What a map application can bring to its users will certainly be the ability to search. With different location needs, users will need to know the exact address that the application will provide on their map. And with the search support feature, users will be able to enter the search bar where they need to go, and it will be easily accessible to you.


  • The application is an offline mapping tool that allows users to easily control the paths or outdoor activities.
  • With the best map control tools, users will be able to experience an extremely accurate and modern map.
  • The designs inside the map are carefully researched to give the best map viewing experience.
  • The ability to navigate extremely detailed with images and audio with the integration of 9 languages ​​​​of different countries.
  • Integrating the built-in GPS feature in the device will allow the application to determine the location where you appear most accurately.

Guru Maps Pro v5.1.3 APK + MOD (Paid & Patched) Download

Download (73M)

Download (73M)

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