Download Hamster Village v1.10.10 APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds)

Hamster Village is a fun strategy simulation game, and you will be the manager of your village with adorable hamsters. Enjoy this unique hamster farming game.

Hamsters are intelligent and friendly mice, so they should be kept as pets. In Hamster Village, players will be in charge of building the village where the hamsters live. To become the best leader, you must use the money earned from selling ingredients in the village. With top-notch 3D graphics, the game will bring you a happy paradise to entertain your soul. Add more facilities in your village to take care of the hamsters in the best way and earn a lot of gold.

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Hamster Village


Your village will be located on a beautiful island, and you will build a fairy island for your hamsters. In Hamster Village, there are many species of hamsters with different looks and costumes. You will see adorable hamsters in suits or woodcutters. Grow your island to collect more hamsters and make your island more bustling.

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You will be admiring the extremely top-notch graphics of the game when creating beautiful 3D island images. Although the background and all the objects in the game are designed with simple models, they are very detailed, sharp, and cute. Build a hamster farm, then add facilities such as a library, cafe, and play area to expand your village.

Hamster Village


To be able to give the hamster a better life, you have to upgrade everything carefully. You will perform the upgrade for existing facilities by clicking on the bottom right corner and touching the “village” button, then selecting the upgrade mode. As for the other facilities that are not on the island, you will collect them in the upper right corner.

Please pay attention to some facilities because it will help you earn more gold, for example, logging camps. And after your farm grows more and more, you will unlock more facilities such as a bathhouse, post office, department store, park, market, harbor, … to bring more gold coins than. To upgrade the facilities to collect more gold coins and unlock more bearing facilities for higher profit. To be able to earn the highest amount of gold, focus on upgrading and developing facilities that bring a higher source of income.

Hamster Village


The mice in Hamster Village are just like normal pets; they are still active and bring you coins and hearts. Dressing them up will help you increase the collection of hearts and gold to develop the island. You can use that number of hearts to invite a hamster to your village.

Alternatively, you can invite guinea pigs by clicking on their house and opening the invite menu. You will get a lot of hearts from this invite, so please upgrade the invite menu effectively. In particular, you will get costume hamsters by hatching eggs.

Hamster Village


To be able to complete the assigned tasks, you must upgrade the hamsters so that they work automatically. Would you please touch the task board to check and complete it? In addition, you will receive free rewards such as hearts, coins from many objects and creatures in the ocean (dolphins, glass bottles). Or you can dig holes in the ground to find bags of valuable rewards. You can get free gems by watching ads or completing quests.

Hamster Village


– Build your village on the island and take care of the hamster.
– Collect different types of hamsters and manage them to work.
– Develop a fairy island in the middle of the ocean with many facilities: cafe, post office, library, bathhouse,…
– Search and collect different hamster species like costume hamster, surf hamster,…
– Complete the missions and collect more coins, gems, hearts.

Hamster Village v1.10.10 APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) Download

Download (89M)

Download (89M)

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