Download Heli Gunner 2 v1.213 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Heli Gunner 2 Mod APK – Play the role of a pilot engaging in combat while flying a helicopter in this rail shooter game! Escape hell!

Do you ever fantasize about being a gunner on a fast-moving military helicopter? You can prove yourself as the best pistol pilot right now. Heli Gunner 2 is a new and fascinating 3D military helicopter game that can be played locally or online.

Fast military planes offer a good vantage point from which to aim. Begin the carpet bombing party as soon as possible. The sight of so many helicopters descending on the area is thrilling. Use the machine gun, sniper rifle, heavy cannon, and laser cannon! This 3D helicopter game can be played on your computer or online. To win the game and become the hero, you must complete all levels while remaining alive. In this thrilling helicopter flying experience, begin training to become a military pilot on a fast chopper. You will pilot the chopper in various missions, including launching an invasion of amusing flying machines. Let’s start with some magnificent carpet bombing, shall we?

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You pilot a helicopter that strafes from side to side, allowing you to fire from an elevated first-person perspective (fps) sniper position. We must begin bombing the bad guys. The difficulties will inevitably mount, but you are more than capable of meeting them. Use a machine gun, laser cannon, sniper rifle, heavy cannon, or other weapons! If you want to succeed in this 3D military helicopter game, you’ll need to use your chopper’s speed well. In many cases, a helicopter is as effective as a huge warship. You can choose from a range of weapons, each offering a distinct advantage in warfare. Your gunship will soar around the buildings, removing your enemies from above. The army’s helicopters are distinguished by their powerful engines. You gain an advantage by pulling the trigger and killing an opponent. Heli Gunner 2, the next addition to the acclaimed Heli Gunner series, will keep you entertained.

Heli Gunner 2 v1.213 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (125M)

Download (125M)

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