Download Hero Castle Wars v1.7.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hero Castle Wars is an exciting battle role-playing game so you can stay entertained wherever you are. You will have to destroy monsters to build the tallest towers.

If you like simple and non-thinking games, then Hero Castle Wars is suitable for you. In this game, you need to defeat red monsters to build towering towers, get treasure, and rescue hostages with your sharp sword. The game has simple but addictive gameplay combined with quality graphics that will give players moments of great relaxation.

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Hero Castle Wars


Your main task in Hero Castle Wars is to kill the monsters on the tower floors. The higher you go, the stronger the monsters will be, and you will face enemies with strength up to 999, even giant bosses with a strength of 9999. For weak enemies with strength from 4-90, you can easily defeat it with a few blows.

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However, for powerful bosses, you must use your strength and magical fighting skills to be able to overcome the tallest towers. After defeating each type of monster with different strengths in each tower floor, you will be able to build yourself a new tower floor, helping you gradually own a tall and giant tower.

Hero Castle Wars


To be able to fight all enemies in Hero Castle Wars, you must strengthen yourself with new moves and increase damage. At the same time, you must collect all the treasures in the tower to own valuable items. You have to find a way to protect your tower and become the best hero in the game.

Hero Castle Wars is a role-playing game with many monsters and enemies in the tower for treasure that you can play at any time without getting boring. You will enjoy a fun time in this simple game.

Hero Castle Wars


  • Defend your tower from enemy attack and invasion with your magical sword and powerful fighting prowess, and rescue hearts and get precious treasures.
  • Increase your strength to be able to withstand all different powerful enemies and bosses become the ultimate hero in the game with a noble mission.
  • Unlock more new skills after defeating every monster in each level and move flexibly to give an advantage when killing enemies and building the tallest towers.
  • There are many enemies with strength from 4 to 9999 that you need to face and use all your killing power to kill all the monsters to protect your tower.
  • The gameplay is simple but not boring thanks to sharp 3D graphics with detailed character design talent and enchanting beautiful towers; the context is simple but attractive to players.

Hero Castle Wars v1.7.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (33M)

Download (33M)

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