Download Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v5.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Race)

Hex Commander Mod APK features expansive strategy gameplay for players to immerse and become outstanding general while raising their force battle capability to new heights through chaotic battlefields.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes gives players exceptional strategy gameplay that combines many familiar elements for everyone to promote their leadership abilities continuously. It also uses the European Medieval-style world setting to create a unique and creative world for players to conquer. Not only that, but they also have to constantly fight with many countries, build kingdoms, and create the most important foundations to conquer everything.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

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The most prominent feature in the gameplay of Hex Commander is the turn-based hexagon-based battlefield control mechanism to stimulate the player’s tactical ability. Because of that, depending on the different types of units, they all have certain ranges of movement or activity for players to create a realistic battlefield. They also have to take advantage of the surrounding environment to promote fierce and compelling battles strategies.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes


Besides attractive strategy gameplay, the game will introduce a vast and vast tactical route for players always to have the most refreshing battles. Each location that the player passes through has many battles for them, and when they win, they can directly claim valuable resources to develop the armies further. Above all, everyone can customize the matches or arrange the tactical formations properly before taking the first steps in the campaign.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes


The most important part of a player’s main battle lineup throughout Hex Commander is the variety of troops they control. Each troop type has many amazing uses, including their ability to operate or attack specific ranges for some battles. Moreover, players can upgrade them permanently and apply many reasonable tactics to create the perfect general offensive army no matter what terrain they appear in.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes


Attacking fortresses is always the most complicated and terrifying moment, no matter how the troop runs. Fortunately, depending on the type of campaign, the castles that the player is defending are full of long-range attack systems to deploy or attack the opponent. While they cannot move or upgrade those mechanics, they can be destroyed, significantly enhancing the tactical element in each campaign.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes


Heroes are the main combat units any army has in Hex Commander, and the abilities they bring to the overall squad are extensive and extremely effective. Players can combine their abilities with armies and attack any hostile army artistically and harmoniously. Meanwhile, the heroes will have many separate skill systems for players to take advantage of or deploy important tactics to change the primary situation of the battlefield.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes uses the concept of a turn-based strategy hexagon to give everyone new potential for this innovative and sophisticated genre. It also continuously enables players to explore or conquer a vast world through devious perspectives or strategies to win any tough battle at all their paces.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes


  • Thrilling and intoxicating strategy gameplay with tremendous potentials for players to utilize in every battle of the main or side campaigns.
  • Explore or conquer the vast world filled with hidden mysteries and troops diversify while stimulating players’ general abilities in various situations or risks.
  • Unlock new troops to command while setting up new formations before taking the first steps into pure chaotic and intense battles.
  • Various elements and mechanisms for players to take advantage of while defending or to attack a specific fortress to reight and win every scenario.
  • Gather more resources for captivated areas and develop troops with more diversities for a powerful combination in tactical team deploying.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v5.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Race) Download

Download (77M)

Download (77M)

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