Download Hit & Knock Down v1.4.0 MOD APK (All Skins Unlocked)

Hit & Knockdown will let you experience a mysterious conquest journey. You will be responsible for throwing your balls to other targets within the time allowed in this game.

Have you ever conquered a legendary ball game? Hit & Knockdown is what you’re looking for, and this is the most widely sought-after super product today. This is the hottest sports game, and players will go through each turn and meet different challenges. Each turn will have a predetermined task for you to perform, and if the results are correct, you will pass the round. The challenge will become increasingly complex, and you should also pay attention to controlling your ball.

Hit & Knock down

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Hit & Knockdown will be the place where you show all your abilities. More specifically, you need to control the balls in the right direction and collide with the objects that the game requires. Each challenge will have different difficulties, and that is also a key point that makes the game thrilling. The higher the level, the greater the challenge will be, and we need to face it.

The special thing is that there will be a task set for you when you enter the round. Maybe you will have to throw the tennis ball to the lined-up cans, knock them all down to get the perfect score. Or maybe you use the bowling ball to throw at the boards above the curtain to hit the red box to score high. A lot of challenges and also a lot of fun come in this game.

Hit & Knock down


You are a diligent learner, and that is also the advantage for you to gain an advantage. There is no rule about what type of throw you need in this game, so use all opportunities to score. However, it is necessary to identify the target and aim properly to avoid getting lost in each throw. Time and ball are always limited things, so be careful with them.

The main feature is that when you discover new ways of throwing, you will earn a higher score than normal throwing. However, risks will also come, and you also need to face them if there is not enough time. But on the contrary, you will also impress the judges in Hit & Knockdown, and they will want you to move on. Need to avoid bombs or spikes to keep your ball intact when reaching the finish line.

Hit & Knock down


Now you need to set a big goal that is to become the champion of the season and put your name on the gold table of honor. Surely there will be a lot of people participating in the challenge, and they also want to win spectacularly. Time will be the most significant pressure for you to overcome and win the chance to score. The score is constantly displayed right on the achievement scoreboard, and you should also go above and beyond in the most spectacular way.

From here, Hit & Knockdown makes players satisfied with all these significant challenges. Players need to show all their abilities through each ball. Each challenge is a premise for you to revolt against your own belligerent power. More extraordinary is competing with all your friends and gleaning valuable lessons, and that lesson is the luggage for you to overcome and win.

Hit & Knock down Hit & Knock down


– Take on the challenges that the game offers you and always stay in shape in the matches.
– Always watch the time because they will make us nervous and lead to not hitting the proposed objects.
– Dodge the bombs to limit the loss of time as well as continue the match.
– Need help from the game by extending the execution time or adding more turns if desired.
– Lead the leaderboard and find yourself the worthy items you want in this battle.
– Become the champion of the season and conquer all the rounds of the game given.

Hit & Knock Down v1.4.0 MOD APK (All Skins Unlocked) Download

Download (67M)

Download (67M)

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