Download Horse Riding Tales v1149 MOD APK (Vip Level 7, Magic Stable)

Horse Riding Tales Mod APK – It’s more fun with pals. Enjoy the most realistic virtual horse riding experience available online.

Start from the bottom as a stable work and work your way up to become dressage and equestrian racing superstar! Join our online community for equestrians and horse lovers, where you can personalize your avatar, tame and race gorgeous wild horses, bring them to your stable, and train them to become equestrian show jumping champions.

Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony

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A quaint equestrian community that dates back hundreds of years and is surrounded by undulating pastures and huge grasslands. Sleepy. Rustic. Idyllic. teeming with adorable creatures, both large and little. A haven of tranquility and calm like no other place on earth. A community that has long been known for its love of horses, which dates back to the town’s very beginnings. Layla, a humble stable worker, calls this place her home. A horse girl who, although being surrounded by horses on a daily basis, has never really ridden one, but that is about to change!

Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony


Riding your horses with all of your best girlfriends and other cowgirls as you embark on journeys to see the world outside your farm in gorgeous 3D is an experience you won’t soon forget. In the multiplayer horse racing game mode, you will also have the opportunity to compete against your opponents in online races where you will gallop around the ranch at full speed.


As you fight for gold in the Meadowcroft Show Jumping Competitions, you and your horse are going to want to look absolutely amazing. Put on your best winning face by donning the most fashionable western wear ever created. There are literally hundreds of different outfits that you are capable of creating with only a few accessories, such as saddles, leg wraps, and masks for your horse, and jodhpurs and helmets for yourself.

Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony


Get your hands on the ideal mount! As you tame and care for wild horse breeds like the Mustang, Dapple Grey, Appaloosa, and other paint horses, you will forge a mystical connection with these horses, and your stallion will become ready to be ridden just as you are about to go on your journey.

Find out the truth about the legendary Pegasus and Unicorn horses that used to run free in the paradise that is located above the clouds, and solve the riddle of the famous fantasy sky riders.

Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony


There is a possibility that you may be extended an invitation to enroll at the esteemed Meadowcroft riding academy, which is a school that has seen untold numbers of equestrians go through its gates and ride through its meadows. As you investigate the mystery of the sky riders, you will face off against your fellow students in various equestrian events.


Acquire the prettiest wild animal companions, from foxes and wolf puppies to magical tigers and more, and add them to your collection. Show off your adorable animals to all of the other cowgirls. Even while you are doing horse racing objectives around the ranch, they will accompany you and gallop alongside you.

Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony


Gather up your closest friends and engage in head-to-head competition with members of other clubs to win incredible rewards in weekly challenges. Put on a show for the other club members and ride away like a champion! Discover the globe and gather materials to fashion exquisite western riding accouterments for your horse, including saddles, bridles, blankets, and more!


Do horse care tasks at your stable by making hay, horseshoes, and other supplies for your animal to keep her in good spirits. Completing these quests will earn you experience and rewards. The more contented and relaxed your animal is, the higher it will place in equestrian competitions. Create the most successful horse for competition and take home the most prestigious equestrian award.

Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony

This game is more than simply a simulator; rather, it ushers in a new era for equestrian games on mobile devices. Your new role in the Horse Riding Tales family is warmly welcomed by everyone here at Foxie Ventures. There will be a lot of additional material added, such as a Shetland pony, more fantastical pegasus and unicorn horses, and tough breeding missions. All of this will be included. Get started on your interactive journey, and download it for free right now!

Horse Riding Tales v1149 MOD APK (Vip Level 7, Magic Stable) Download

Download (139 MB)

Download (139 MB)

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