Download Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels v1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels Mod APK is a role-playing game with exciting stories for you to experience and immerse yourself in a romantic love space. Players are free to create vivid love memories for themselves.

This game will bring you a series of exciting stories for players to explore and role-play while choosing love themes that suit your style. If you really want to own a beautiful love, this is the application that meets all your needs and through which you can experience more authentically. This game helps you feel and have sweet and happy moments.

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels

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Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels will lead you to exciting surprises, so get ready to step into new journeys in this game. In this game, you will be free to choose the stories that you love the most and really fit your personality. Besides, the story you choose will accompany you throughout the experience, so you need to think to make the right decision. The game has automated personalization, so everything is up to you.

But first, you will need to adjust your profile and change your profile picture as you like. In addition, you are allowed to edit your clothes in an upmarket style to impress everyone and attract mates. Also, in the game, the character’s fate will be in your hands, and you just need to follow the plot because it will stick with you for a long time.


The game will contain a lot of stories with many different genres so as not to cause boredom for players. After the stories explored above, Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels will bring you something interesting when it comes to a super engaging story with a plot that will probably make you think a lot before you start.

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels

You were originally an employee under a difficult boss and always strict at work, but you suddenly received countless help from your boss one day. What’s more, he offers to help you get married, and this will leave you wondering what to do. Besides, you will have to date your own boss with challenges ahead. Discover to see if it’s a perfect love or just an excuse to advance to the ministry. It’s all up to you to decide.


To be able to grow, you need to constantly change yourself with different styles from luxurious to glamorous always to create attention. In this game, you will have the opportunity to meet super attractive guys and have a billionaire career in hand. Together, they will find ways to conquer, so you are forced to choose one of these people. In addition, you will experience a dream-like life and sublimate with true feelings in love, so this will be the reason for you to make the right decision. Everything seems perfect, and you just have to enjoy your picturesque life in this game.


After the stories above, the game will provide virtual characters in each story to bring you strange dreams, and in addition, sometimes you will have to experience bad feelings of love. The characters will contain a lot of exciting secrets to attract players and give you unforgettable emotions. Besides, these characters will all contain mysterious stories waiting for you to discover them. You will be free to adventure into new spaces to find fun and relax with unique storylines. This is a game that offers a series of sweet and romantic love stories so you can build your life and experience it with your character.

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels


  • Participating in romantic and super fascinating love stories only in this game, you will start to role-play the character and create for yourself a lively love space
  • The game will provide a series of stories according to different themes, and the decision will be in your hands, so start a new journey with a world of your own
  • The game is built with a novel style but contains elements so as not to be boring and unexpected situations will appear in the back for you to explore freely.
  • The character’s fate will depend on your every decision, so it’s time for you to immerse yourself in the sweet love phase and choose attractive guys to date.
  • Provide virtual characters to bring you many surprises; in addition, you will experience many different emotions when experiencing this game

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels v1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (131M)

Download (131M)

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