Download Hydro Coach PRO v4.6.6 APK (Patched)

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Hydro Coach PRO v4.6.6 APK (Patched)

Water Tracker and Drink Reminder. Use your Hydro Coach PRO APK to capture the force of water in action.

The Hydro Coach mobile application serves as a water tracker and reminder, urging users to consume more water. Maintaining proper hydration levels throughout the day is a significant obstacle, and we are curious how many people in this room consume the recommended amount of water daily. You can keep track of the amount of water you consume with Hydro Coach’s assistance, and the application will subtly encourage you to consume even more water. It is time to take advantage of water’s curative properties, and your physical well-being is too important to disregard.

Your Hydro Coach Diary will accommodate an unlimited number of entries, regardless of how frequently you check it. Monthly and weekly stats can track your hydration and health progress more accurately. This one is less complicated to use and more enjoyable to interact with because it has more widgets, such as a 1×1 widget for inputs on quick-service restaurant beverages. Hydration factors evaluate the capacity of various beverages to either rehydrate or dehydrate the human body. Each notification will make it simple and quick for you to obtain assistance when you need it. Another option is to create a CSV file that contains your drinking history.

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Receiving personalized drink alerts is one way that this app helps its users improve their health. In the form of a simple diary, it accurately records your water balance. The app’s graphs show consumption habits and weekly and monthly statistics on how much water you use at any given time. The user can easily adjust the volume of a drink. Let’s remind our friends to stay hydrated by sharing our water intake. Our formula determines your ideal daily water intake based on your age, weight, gender, and way of life. Hydro Coach will remind you to drink and refill your favorite glass.


  • Using your own customized drink notifications, you can improve your health.
  • Through the use of a journal with an uncomplicated layout, you may maintain accurate records of your water intake and output.
  • Receive a graphical representation of your weekly and monthly water consumption patterns, complete with data.
  • Convenient widgets offer comprehensible data on your daily water consumption.
  • Easy manipulation of individualized serving sizes
  • Includes both imperial (fl. oz.) and metric (ml) measurement support.
  • Talk to your companions about how much water you drink.
  • synchronization with the account you have with Google
  • Google Fit, Samsung Health und Fitbit

Hydro Coach PRO v4.6.6 APK (Patched) Download

Download (12.72 MB)

Download (12.72 MB)

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