Download Ideology Rush v1.5.5 MOD APK (Freedom Mode, All Unlocked)

Ideology Rush Mod APK is a thrilling tactic and a true-to-life global simulation. Choose the nation where everything starts (but Illuminati, be reasonable!) and take over the world.

Use propaganda, wise political activity, and the diversion of financial flows to rule a covert organization and conquer the entire population! Are you going to be able to rule the world? Will you still have time before the entire world turns against you? Your political ideology will permeate every member of the human race, and the Eye of Providence will directly channel power into your hands. The global community will respond to your expansion up until a point where hostilities start. Supreme Leader, stop this from happening and promote your ideas as rapidly as possible!

Eight fictitious political ideas are featured in the game: anarchy, capitalism, imperialism, communism, pacifism, militarism, ecology, and consumerism. Each philosophy has its own characteristics for distribution, enhancements, and gaming mechanics.

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You might take office as president of the entire planet and spark a global revolution—or evolution? You get to make the choice! Play the role of the insane world leader or the erratic politician in Ideology Rush.

Ideology Rush v1.5.5 MOD APK (Freedom Mode, All Unlocked) Download

Download (60M)

Download (60M)

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