Download Idle Green Button v4.1.35 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Idle Green Button: bitcoin is the easiest get the rich game you can get into, and players just need to click the button or hire assistants to do it. In particular, you can use automation tools to work.

Become an idle tycoon with work more straightforward than ever – click fast and earn as much as you can in Idle Green Button: bitcoin. There was nothing to do but that simple task, but sometimes it required incredible patience. Come up with the unique strategies to manage your mine; of course, you also need to generate income for your work – click the button and make a substantial profit. In order for your area to grow stronger, hire workers to complete other side jobs.

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IdleEach person has their own unique job, and of course, you will also have different difficult challenges when participating in Idle Green Button: bitcoin. Players have a bigger mission when participating in this game that is to save their own planet. You must complete many tasks, but the most special is still manual mining to make your factory grow. Just create mining jobs in geological mines and then make a profit for yourself.

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You can’t stand still when the work is so hectic; hard work and intelligence force you to complete all the tasks present in this game. If you want to get rich quickly, you should use all your intelligence to develop good strategies for mining. Of course, you can use one strategy for the whole level or if you want to grow fast, then change the strategy often.

Green button: Crypto earn Green button: Crypto earn


Don’t worry about other issues when joining Idle Green Button: bitcoin, all you need is to focus on your work in this game. The first thing that any player needs to pay attention to is their own income in this game. Becoming the richest boss and becoming the leader in the mining industry is not new to you. To be able to do that, you have to work hard and think of ways to automate activities so that it increases work efficiency.


There’s a lot of fun in this simply designed idle game. Players can become rich by operating at Idle Green Button: bitcoin. You need to complete many jobs, and all of that will make a profit for you in the game. You can make money online and even offline. But you must note that offline income will not be high, and you must arrange work for your workers properly when you are not present and manage them.


It is known that mining work in ore mines is relatively heavy, and of course, few people can accept it. You can undoubtedly complete all the jobs well with a hard-working and intelligent person like you. With this mining job, supporting tools are important that can help you generate higher income. So upgrade and evolve your devices so that they can increase mining.

Green button: Crypto earn Green button: Crypto earn


Not only can you generate mining profits, but every gamer who joins this game also has unique talents. Strategy is something you cannot do without participating in the game and, above all, the workers who support you to participate in mining. The more assistants, the more convenient your work will be and the more income you will earn. So, when participating in Idle Green Button: bitcoin, you need to hire many assistants to complete various tasks.


– An idle mining simulation game that you can participate in online and offline.
– Hire workers to complete a variety of different jobs.
– Come up with many excellent strategies to keep your factory growing.
– Upgrade equipment along with tools to support mining work.
– Make high profits for everyone, whether offline or online.

Idle Green Button v4.1.35 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Download (53M)

Download (53M)

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