Download Idle Human v1.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Idle Human MOD APK gives players helpful information about the parts of the human body when they will be the ones to see their formation and development.

Idle Human is an idle-style game where the player will help the body parts develop to a certain extent. You will try to make as many cells and use them for parts that interest you, and you will be surprised at how many organs there are in the natural body.

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When you experience Idle Human, you will find helpful information about the human body, from cells to parts that a body will possess. So you will be the one to create your model by finding the necessary parts such as bones, organs, and more. It can be considered a long process as you will need many cells to reproduce from a complete part to a body full of organs.

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At the beginning of the game, you will find a space, and that will be the location where the model with all the parts will appear. Also, each time development from a specific department, you will see some elements from small to large appear.

Idle Human Idle Human


When you see the space of the Idle Human, you will surely realize that there are not any cells or parts yet. Your job is to accelerate the development process by using the number of cells you have and giving it to any part on the right side of the screen. At the same time, when you promote development to a certain extent, you will see a part’s gradual emergence fully. Of course, you won’t be able to quit this promotion.

Under the cell index, you will see the number of cells generated in a second, and it is the result when you promote the growth of a body part. So every motivating activity has a meaning that you won’t be able to ignore. Sometimes, the number of cells you have will not be enough, so the game also provides a feature that helps you increase the number of cells spawned in a period to press the DNA button. So you will be continuously creating cells and developing organs in your body.

Idle Human Idle Human Idle Human


An interesting point when you experience Idle Human is the variety of parts you can easily find. Each part is located in a specific tab and corresponds to its function. So with many different tabs that you can effortlessly search, you also find many parts that you need to develop. At the same time, growing a part takes a lot of cells, and everything will be complete if you can fill the stats bar of each part.

There are many ways you can promote cell generation, the vital resource of organ building. The first way is to boost the speed by magic, and it only takes effect for a certain amount of time. At the same time, you can also thoroughly perform the upgrade process to increase the cell generation efficiency and the boost amount of each part to the cell production output. They will have many items for you to consider to choose the element that you focus on first.

You will be able to find useful information about the part because:

  • The game gives an overview of the body parts, and you will be the one to decide their formation.
  • The number of entirely diverse parts is divided into many different tabs to help you easily explore from units to more significant parts.
  • Idle mode of experience is where players use cells and help sets gradually take shape.
  • The game brings a long process for each player when the number of body parts that need to be developed will be completely diverse.
  • There are many ways for you to speed up the cell creation process, and one of them is a beneficial upgrade that you cannot ignore.

Idle Human v1.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) Download

Download (128M)

Download (128M)

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