Download Idle Life Sim v1.3.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Life Sim Mod APK – Put your new life under your own control! Idle Life will allow you experience alternative lives!

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game will help you have great experiences in a life created by yourself. Have you ever dreamed of a life where you will become more handsome or beautiful, choose your favorite job, and experience all the pleasures of life? If so, is this the game for you? The whole life will be fully simulated in this game, and you just need to participate and fully enjoy the emotions that the game brings.


We firmly believe that Idle Life Sim is one of the most exciting games you can experience. The game progress is exceptionally rhythmic, logical; although not a strategy game, it also gives all players a feeling of extreme excitement and suspense. You will have to live an authentic life, from choosing your face and body to designing a house, finding a job you love, getting married, and enjoying all the pleasures of life,…

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Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game


Have you ever wished for a pretty face like hot boys, hot girls, or a well-proportioned and attractive body? Now all your wishes will come true in an instant. Starting the game, design your best friend’s appearance by hand, from face, body, hairstyle to different styles of clothes. The app store brings you hundreds of trendy outfits for you to choose from.

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game


Your dream home is closer than ever. Idle Life Sim gives you hundreds of different choices in designing your home. You can choose for yourself a warm little house or a luxurious villa. Then manually choose your favorite furniture, from beds, tables, and chairs, home appliances, garnishing tools, … Finally or arrange them neatly and aesthetically in the room.

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game


Every popular job appears in this game, be it a singer, actor, an engineer, a chef, an office worker, or simply a housewife. You are free to choose the job you love, start it with a low position, then with your own efforts to climb to higher positions. Of course, you can also choose businesses, investments, … to quickly become more prosperous, but these options are also quite risky, sometimes you will lose all your money.

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game


Life will be boring if you only know how to work but cannot enjoy it. After having certain stability in work, think about dating and getting married, then having your own children. You can also save money to join parties, go to bars, discos, shopping,… Of course, your spending activities also need to be balanced with your financial ability.

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game


Every experience in this virtual life is related to economics, so you need to try to find ways to get rich. You can choose a high-paying job, join a startup, business or invest in real estate to quickly improve your financial ability. In addition, completing the tasks of Idle Life Sim will also bring you a small source of virtual money. You can also use real money to convert to virtual currency when you feel the need.

Idle Life Sim v1.3.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (110M)

Download (110M)

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