Download Idle Stickman Heroes Fight v0.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Stickman Heroes Fight Mod APK puts the player as a leader of a group of heroes and ushers in a bad future that they will try to change. Powerful heroes will be able to reach their full potential.

Idle Stickman Heroes Fight is a fighting game where players will decide on tactics and how to use character skills to win the level. The characters will automatically move and attack each other, so the power contributes to the player’s victory. At the same time, players can recruit more teammates and open up great strategies in some cases.

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Idle Stickman Heroes Fight


At the beginning of the level, players will see the heroes of Idle Stickman Heroes Fight against different enemies. These enemies are powerful, so the battle goes on for a while until someone similar to Thanos appears and attacks all the good-side heroes. At the same time, it’s a total win, and if you don’t want this future to happen again, you’ll need to find a way to grow the strength of your hero team.

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Players will participate in a combat battle between the heroes and their enemies, and the players will decide the battle tactics. Specifically, when the battle begins, the characters continuously approach each other to attack until one faction is defeated. In addition, you can also fully use the power of each character when the energy bar of each character is full, and the way to activate it is to multiply into the portrait of each character.


When players participate in the matches of Idle Stickman Heroes Fight, you will undoubtedly be able to access some of the starting characters and fill the five positions of the team. They all have different skills, so you can determine their position in the field and decide the order in which to use skills when qualified. Also, as your level increases, some limits will be unlocked, like the character’s level cap is improved.

Players will need to care about the strength of each character because it is the basis to help you overcome many different enemies. All battles operate automatically when the character moves on its own, so strength is one of the decisive factors for victory. So you can increase the character’s level and use your resources to unlock and increase the level of the skills that the character possesses. It will undoubtedly be a difficult journey.

Idle Stickman Heroes Fight

Players will see a bad scenario at the beginning of the level:

  • A battle takes place between heroes and their enemies, with the victory going to evil, and you will help change this scenario.
  • Players will choose five characters to participate in the battle, and when the level begins, the characters will automatically move and attack each other.
  • You won’t have too many decisions in battle, but you can choose when to activate your character’s skills to deal heavy damage to enemies.
  • You will be able to recruit new characters to change your strategy and increase your level, which affects the level of the characters.
  • Leveling up will help improve the characters’ stats, and their skill system can achieve a whole new effect after the upgrade.

Idle Stickman Heroes Fight v0.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (75M)

Download (75M)

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