Download Inflation Idle v1.18 MOD APK (Free Reward)

Are you getting sick and tired of the continual price increases? You need to start boosting rates and expanding your petrol station if you want to stay up with the inflation rate. To begin, it will be up to you to connect gas tanks to gas pumps, refill empty tanks, sell gas to irate consumers, and collect payment from those customers when they pay for their gas at the pumps.

As your fortune increases, you can broaden the scope of your gas tycoons, hire more employees, and establish other employment opportunities. And I’ll say it once more: be careful! The reaction of customers and potential customers will likely be negative if you drastically raise the price of gasoline. (Don’t give them a reason to be furious…). Clocknest Games, a developer of light-hearted video games, has just put out a brand-new app for Android called Inflation Idle. Do you ever find yourself growing weary of constant inflation? Maintain vigilance in the vicinity of a gas station. This is an Android game that is user-friendly, fun, and perfectly adapted for the platform, complete with emulation elements that will keep players of all ages interested for hours at a time and offer a welcome distraction from the routine of day-to-day life.

You can operate a gas station, make a profit, and fight inflation simultaneously with the help of the free application Inflation Idle, which is available for Android devices. Have you acquired the necessary abilities to run a business? In the game Inflation Idle, you are responsible for connecting the gas tank to the gas pumps, filling any empty tanks, and selling gas to customers. You will need to complete extra activities to acquire special “boosters” that will allow you to raise your revenue. As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to hire more experienced individuals, increase your team size, invest in cutting-edge technology, and improve your bottom line.

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Inflation Idle v1.18 MOD APK (Free Reward) Download

Download (100M)

Download (100M)

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