Download Insect Evolution v1.9.5 MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels)

Insect Evolution is a casual game where the player controls a bug, and your task is to attack and consume small bugs or of the same level to level up.

Start a simple but equally fun game with Insect Evolution. This is a casual game where the player controls a colorful scorpion and begins his quest. It looks simple, but no, this game requires players to have a lot of patience and care to avoid the pitfalls around. In this game, you have to act carefully and eat small bugs, and of course, you need to avoid to not be killed by bigger animals.

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The player controls a small bug and will progress up different ranks by consuming different animals. Each animal will have a specific level, and when you have enough food for the body, you will lead your animal to a new level. At Insect Evolution, all animals of different levels live and fight with other bugs, and of course, you too. To be able to grow, players must eat smaller bugs, or you can also eat bugs of the same level.

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Eating smaller animals will increase your power, but you should also be aware that hitting the wrong target can hurt. When the player controls his animal to eat smaller bugs, to a certain milestone, you will be evolved to a new level. The player can attack other creatures by taunting them or using the power of their moves to take them down. Thereby, you will get the power of attacked animals, and of course, more creatures will increase your level.

Insect Evolution Insect Evolution


In this game, the first thing that players need is to carefully observe the enemy and also observe the items that are beneficial to them. During the intense battles in Insect Evolution, sometimes small circles will appear corresponding to the rewards in your favor. Those circles will give you a health or help you increase your fighting ability to a new level. At that time, you will become strong and can destroy enemies quickly.


Players will be leveled up when loading themselves with certain types of food, and you have to pay attention to what’s going on around you. In Insect Evolution, you have to use reasonable strategies such as killing the first bug and the last bug you destroy. Pay special attention to applying your weapons correctly. In this game, you will own a bomb, and it is located right next to your screen. The number of bombs is limited, so use when you have the most difficulty.


The bomb’s proper application can help you hit a mass of opponents head-on and give you various benefits. The other secondary thing you have to pay attention to in this game is checking how much your health has reached. Players must check their health regularly before entering battles. In case your health is too low to fight. You can also collect various items to increase your health.

Insect Evolution Insect Evolution Insect Evolution


Insect Evolution will give you a whole new experience when you start having an adventure in the world of bugs. Before starting the game, you will try and get to spin the lucky machine. If luck is good, the player may get a chance to upgrade himself and become a higher level bug than before.


– Consume smaller bugs or those of the same level to progress the level up.
– Collect items that will benefit you in each battle, such as healing circles.
– Apply weapon – the equivalent of the bomb in the match to destroy all danger.
– Check the health before starting the fight and collect the health enhancement products.
– Level up faster by spinning the lucky machine for a higher chance of evolution.

Insect Evolution v1.9.5 MOD APK (Unlocked All Levels) Download

Download (59M)

Download (59M)

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