Download JungleMix Match-3 v0.146 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles is a match-3 game but in a completely new style. Through match-3 missions, you delve into the story on a strange island.

A miracle has appeared on this island, where there are many mysteries and need a hand to rescue it from the curse. You use strategy and wits to solve puzzles in JungleMix Match. With this success, players will contribute to the discovery and conquest of this exciting journey. You also have the task of collecting gems for the people in the village besides rebuilding the city from the rubble. This place especially has three beautiful sweet vegetables waiting for you.

JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles

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We welcome your arrival to this troubled island. Here, you have the opportunity to enjoy an entirely new type of trilogy. It is the perfect combination of puzzle genres. It engages in a logic story that is much more engaging than traditional puzzle games of the same genre—a unique detective story in the deep forest worth conquering.

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The story begins with the player while on a cruise ship. You have seen an adventure ship sinking on an extraordinary island by chance. The people here desperately need your support to restore the island to its original state. Specifically, the task for the player is to turn this wild place into a perfect green paradise. Not only that but rescuing a missing scientist is also an equally attractive task.

JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles


Not stopping there, JungleMix Match also gives players unexpected information when the people in this particular village have lost all gems and crystals. The journey to find and discover where the treasures are officially beginning. With a magnifying glass that can see everything freely, you can easily find them and return everything to its original position. People’s lives and architectural works gradually returned.

Solve these matching puzzles successfully to discover and conquer the ancient city full of mysteries. It was built thousands of years ago, but it became a troublesome problem to deal with after a disaster struck. These cities hold within themselves the most precious treasures as the heart of this unique tropical island. Players can now use weapons and imagination to conquer the island now.

  • Conquer the island that is turning into a jungle of trouble.
  • Use weapons and memory to solve puzzles.
  • Transform into a treasure hunt adventurer.
  • Great combination of the puzzle-solving genre and engaging story.
  • Help the villagers restore everything to its original state.

JungleMix Match-3 v0.146 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (140M)

Download (140M)

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