Download Keepsafe v11.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Keepsafe v11.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Keepsafe is a unique application in the tool panel that helps you lock your gallery, creating particular layers of security for the number of photos stored on the device. Users will be wholly protected from network attacks through vulnerabilities.

When it comes to generating unique content to protect the information in the photo library, Keepsafe earns users’ trust all over the world. Users choose a variety of information to be saved in the form of high-risk images that will be stolen. This security lock assists you in erecting a sturdy barrier against any activity. Users will enjoy greater peace of mind and a more pleasant experience with the gadget. At all times, we maintain the most significant level of security.

Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe


The application has added some notable bug fixes to complete the version in a better direction. First of all, a lot of cloud computing has appeared to help you gain control without consuming a lot of space. The cloud is an excellent choice for storing memories. Most of them will help users reduce the overload and improve performance when operating in the user interface. You will gradually feel the positive change that the application has.

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Multiple images are stored in its space by Keepsafe, making the content diverse. Any photograph can be the subject of scrutiny—various content of photos such as portraits, family photos, or memories with a few friends. In addition, information for photos containing passwords, names, or other security-related content should not be disclosed, and they will be kept secret by unique technologies.

Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe


As for the variety of information in Keepsafe, the system immediately created files to aid in image retention. Files have specific names and information; the system will automatically sort them according to information such as their content, download date, or security. Many pictures will be marked with landmarks, and you will be reminded to celebrate on similar occasions. For deleted photos, you can restore them because the data is still under the control of the application.


Security is always more of a concern; Keepsafe was created to help you. As a powerful tool for any device, users will soon be satisfied with its results that exceed their expectations. More content will be kept private, with more layers of protection when it comes to identifying it as information that can’t be stolen. The data saved as images also do the same. Family photos will be protected with the same layer of library security for anniversary photos. Private photo sharing also does not cause this information to be passed on to third parties.

Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe


Keepsafe is widely known as a valuable tool in building security layers for photo galleries. Users can perform all operations in the interface simply without spending much time. The information stored by the application’s help will be classified and neatly arranged, and more content will be filtered through and determine the level of privacy. The innovative point of the application is what has attracted millions of users to download.


  • An updated version is available to enhance some features, expand performance information, and give users feedback.
  • Many photos will be stored in the application’s memory; much of the information provided in the photo will be identified as private content and access required.
  • Create blanks and arrange images by order, content, and download date. They are strictly controlled for your peace of mind.
  • Device vulnerabilities will cause some information to be stolen; we create barriers to help you secure information about stored photos.
  • Restore image information, restore intact image shape without affecting quality and sharpness. We will assist you with the steps.

Keepsafe v11.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (20M)

Download (20M)

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