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Knight’s Edge is the ultimate action game with attractive competitions between you and hideous monsters. The monsters looked quite weird, with dozens of powerful attack skills. The images in the game are designed creatively, bringing a sense of excitement when participating. Especially participating in this game, you also get to enter a top achievement race with your friends. Combine with reliable teammates, and break this game.


What longtime players have been waiting for is finally here; part 2 of Knight’s Edge has officially launched in this update, called “Season of Spookies.” Along with the launch of part 2, a series of exciting new event rewards are also available. Halloween is also about to take place, with many surprises waiting for you. The weapon “Ax of the Void” also received a significant overhaul, and it is now easier to use and much more potent than before. The form of teaming in 3v3 mode has also been changed.


Knight’s Edge is a never-ending war with monstrous monsters. At each level, you will face a different monster with unique skills. You have the right to choose a weapon for yourself; use the weapon by dragging and dropping. Of course, later on, you will be able to meet the monsters that have appeared again, but with a more advanced and more potent version.

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To win against your opponent, you need to dodge their attacks well. If you get hit by bullets, you will lose blood and die. Then, take advantage of the gap between enemy attacks to let you unleash your moves. Move and attack enemies with weapons in your hand, which can be swords, bows, axes,… After a few turns of attack or injury, you will receive fury to activate special skills. Using this skill on target, you will deal considerable damage to monsters and easily defeat them.


After each battle, you will get gold coins and experience to level up. The higher the level, the more you will have the opportunity to buy more powerful weapons and upgrade your character. However, in return, your opponent will also become more and more annoying. Therefore, increasing personal skills and boosting weapons and righteousness are not to be missed. The higher your level, the more new special skills you will unlock.


Season of Spookies is an online game, allowing you to connect with friends from all over the world. When you feel your character is strong enough, proceed to invite more friends to participate in intense 3v3 matches. Of course, this will still be your battle with the monster, but the two teams will compete against each other to see who can defeat the monster first. You can also attack your team to make it difficult for them to fight.


This game is entirely free when you download it. You can earn virtual money through victories or completing quests, then use virtual money to upgrade your characters and weapons. Battles with great bosses will give you abundant rewards to equip yourself with. However, to make your growth faster, you can also spend cash on upgrading your strength.

Knight’s Edge v2.3.1 APK (Latest) Download

Download (442M)

Download (442M)

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